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The Attack on Titan Revolution Regiments are the game’s equivalent to a guild. Join, create, or completely ignore the Regiments feature, it’s up to you!

Not part of a Regiment yet? Have a nosey at the available groups via Roblox! If you want to come out on top of the Regiment leaderboards, you’ll need to upgrade your character. That’s where our Attack on Titan Revolution Offense Skill Tree guide comes in! We also have an Attack on Titan Revolution Missions guide and an Attack on Titan Revolution Injuries guide to help you work out how to heal your injury debuffs.

Attack on Titan Revolution Regiments

A Regiment is basically an in-game guild of sorts! It sets you up against fellow Regiments with a leaderboard, as groups battle it out to climb the ranks and earn Honor. Additionally, completing Regiment Quests rewards you with 75 Honor, which reset once per week. You can access the Regiment page via the main menu or by heading over to the Regiments area in the main lobby.

Regiment Tiers

Similar to your typical guilds, Regiments have various tiers to reach as more players join and play.

  • Tier 1
    • 25 members
    • No Honor required
  • Tier 2
    • 50 members
    • Must have 7.5K Honor
  • Tier 3
    • 75 members
    • Must have 25K Honor
  • Tier 4
    • 125 members
    • Must have 50K Honor
  • Tier 5
    • 150 members
    • Must have 100K Honor

Creating a Regiment

If you want to create a Regiment yourself, you need to make a Roblox group on the platform with the name of your guild. You then need to buy a Regiment via the in-game shop, which costs 149 Robux. You can then invite people to your Regiment!

Joining a Regiment

This option is a lot simpler and cheaper than creating one! Find a Regiment you want to join by searching through relevant Roblox groups. Or, chat with other players in Attack on Titan Revolution and ask to join their Regiment. I do think it would be better if there was a board that players could search through to find a Regiment to join, like how guilds work in other online/mobile games.