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As a new player, the Attack on Titan Revolution Perk Crafting screen doesn’t give away much! Use our guide to find out how to craft perks via the in-game system.

To start crafting, visit the Attack on Titan Revolution Roblox page. Have a nosey at our Attack on Titan Revolution Missions guide too, if you’re looking for ways to progress in the game!

Attack on Titan Revolution Perk Crafting

Perks! I’ve already covered what perks are in the game with our Attack on Titan Revolution Perks guide, as well as our Attack on Titan Revolution Perks Tier List. However, what I haven’t talked about, is perk crafting.

Equipping perks provides you with buffs, with some of the best buffs coming from Legendary and Epic perks! You can craft them via the Equipment tab on the main menu. Your equipped perks will circle your character, with a glow to signify the rarity of said perk.

To obtain spare perks and perks in general, you have a chance of getting them during missions! You need to get a Titan kill to be in with a chance though. The overall difficulty of the mission determines the rarity of the perk drops too. The chance of a perk dropping fluctuates depending on the difficulty mode, with the tricky missions having a higher drop rate chance.

Crafting a Perk

So, how do you craft a perk? From the Perk page, click the ‘Craft’ button in the bottom right. This opens the crafting screen! You can craft Common, Rare, Epic, and Legendary perks by recycling old perks. The rarer the perks you use up, the higher the chance the crafting session will be a success.

The same goes for the amount of perks you put into the recipe too! There are no specific recipes to follow, so all you need to do is take note of the perks you no longer want. Gold coins are also a must when crafting perks, so make sure you have plenty saved up. The type of perk that drops isn’t guaranteed, so remember to keep hold of unused perks and save them for crafting.