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Now that you’ve unlocked Titan Shifting, it’s time to learn about the Attack on Titan Revolution Attack Titan Skill Tree! This is where you’ll be spending points to unlock and upgrade new skills for your Titan form.

If you haven’t taken a look at the skill tree yet, load up the game now via the official Roblox page. Gone up against some Titans and came out with debuffs? Check out our Attack on Titan Revolution Injuries guide to find out how to heal them!

Attack on Titan Revolution Attack Titan Skill Tree

I touched on the skills that Titans wield in our Attack on Titan Revolution Titan Shifting guide, but I plan to go into more detail in this one! If you’ve played an RPG before, you’ll already be familiar with the concept of skill trees. Attack on Titan Revolution has multiple skill trees, that each specialise in something different. There’s the Offense skill tree, Defense skill tree, Support skill tree, Family skill tree, and lastly the Attack Titan skill tree.

The Attack Titan Skill Tree

The latter skill tree relates to those who can Titan Shift! It’s a skill tree that allows you to put points into abilities that only Titans can use in battle. Every skill has a cap of 10 points, which determines how powerful said skill is. I recommend putting points into your favourite skills first as you get used to being a Titan. However, there are undoubtedly skills that are better than others across the skill tree.


Just like the Titans in the series! You can ‘harden’ your Titan form, which increases your damage reduction. Remember how it works in the show? That’s basically how it works in AOT Revolution. But, you get some extra buffs too. Instead of your entire form becoming crystallised, it’s just your fists.

  • Your skill damage and punching damage get an increase of 10-20%
  • Your punching speed is now 10-17.5% faster
  • Damage reduction (Block) gets a 10-25% buff


Charge it up! By charging Uppercut, you can defeat up to 2 Titans immediately upon impact. This skill sends them flying into the air, which causes them to crash back down with a huge amount of force. Thus, they damage nearby Titans by 40-70%.

Corkscrew Punch

If your HP is lower than you’d like, you can activate Corkscrew Punch to regenerate 3-7% of your HP by roaring loudly. Not only do you get some HP back, but all nearby Titans take damage too. In fact, they take a decent amount of damage, ranging from 7.5-12.5%. This skill also stuns nearby Titans for a total of 2-4 seconds.

Eject (Force Eject)

This one’s a passive! You launch yourself out of your Titan form and become airborne. This is to ensure that you don’t land in front of any oncoming Titans, but make sure you instantly use your ODM gear to get away. This is used when your Titan form’s HP is getting low!

Brutal Stomp

This move is popular amongst the NPC Titans too… trust me, I’ve taken damage from it quite a lot. As a Titan, slam your foot into the ground, sending out a rippling wave of damage to all nearby Titans. You also damage buildings in the process, which reveals any hidden Titans in the area. This skill kills Crawlers instantly, as long as they are within range (5-15 meters).