Minecraft releases free museum map for 15th anniversary

Minecraft museum map 15 anniversary

Minecraft is celebrating its 15th anniversary with a new museum map.  Best of all, it’s entirely free.

The map was made in partnership with Oreville Studios. By exploring the museum, players can check out key moments in Minecraft history. Players can partake in mini games, collect lost memories, and explore historical exhibits to unlock the rich history of Minecraft. Multiplayer is fully supported as well.

Here’s some additional information:

Like all things Minecraft, this isn’t just any museum – unless museums always teeter on the edge of peril? Sure, there are plenty of things to awe over, but since we are firm believers in adding a healthy dose of adventure and surprise wherever we can, taking on treacherous mini games, exploring immersive exhibits, and setting out on wild treasure hunts seem like a much better way to take in our blocky history!

There’s even a Dig Straight Down challenge to see who can get to the treasure vault first! Without mining face-first into lava, that is. I suggest you also check out the puzzle-based challenge where you can unlock the alpha version of the game! Just know that side effects include severe nostalgia and potentially a tear or two.

Head to Minecraft Marketplace to download the free map and start digging into the many more wonders of our past today!

We’ve attached a trailer for the Minecraft 15th anniversary map below.

Museum Map Trailer

Speaking of free stuff, we’ll also mention that players can get their hands on a pair of Toe Guardians. The slippers are based on the puffer-like aquatic mob from the 1.8 update, which you can find guarding ocean monuments. Head on over to the Dressing Room to obtain them now.