How to get Sanhua and Yuanwu for free in Wuthering Waves

Wuthering Waves has over 30 million players eagerly awaiting – and for good reason. Players have two resonators to look forward to unlocking for free when they jump in: Sanhua and Yuanwu.

How to get Sanhua for free in Wuthering Waves

Sanhua is a 4-star rarity Glacio resonator (character) who wields a sword.

The Wuthering Waves X/Twitter account has mentioned that Sanhua, alongside other rewards, can be earned by consecutively signing in for seven days. A week of signing in after launch is not going to be a tall task for many fans.

Image: Kuro Games

Like other gacha games, Wuthering Waves will automatically detect you sign in in for a new day. It’s not been confirmed whether it will refresh as a new day at midnight or after 24 hours of your first log-in. The former is the likeliest case.

Upon your 7th day of consecutively signing in, you’ll be awarded with the Gifts of Thawing Frost, including Sanhua, 4x Lustrous Tides, and 4x Radiant Tides.

Not signing in for a day will reset your progress, so make sure not to lose this streak.

Although only four-star, Sanhua is not to be shrugged off and will make for a great resonator to have on your team, especially when you’re only a week in.

How to get Yuanwu for free in Wuthering Waves

Yuanwu is another 4-star rarity Electro resonator who uses gauntlets as a weapon. He’s one of the resonators I’m most excited to use. Like Sanhua, he may not be the strongest but will make a fine addition to your team until you get lucky enough to get a stronger resonator.

Yuanwu Wuthering Waves
Image: Kuro Games

To get Yuanwu, you need to complete the Tower of Adversity’s Stable Zone challenge. No more details have been released about this challenge, such as when it’s available, how to beat it, and what it entails, so we’ll have to see when we play the game.

We do know that this quest, challenge, mission, or objective is named “Rumbling Hollows,” which is likely only named this way to reflect the resonator it unlocks, just like “Gifts of Thawing Frost” for Sanhua.

It’s likely a decent challenge that we’ll need to be prepared for, but it’s anyone’s guess.

Armed with how to unlock Sanhua and Yuanwu for free in Wuthering Waves, you’ll be off to a fantastic start when the game launches. Just don’t forget about them when Jinhsi rolls around.

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