Destiny 2 Spot Gives Stasis Users Massive Advantage on Widow’s Court Map


  • Destiny 2 players uncover new Stasis advantage on Widow’s Court map, showcasing evolving gameplay dynamics.
  • The discovery highlights player ingenuity and ongoing pursuit to leverage game mechanics for strategic advantage.
  • Bungie’s updates, including the upcoming Prismatic subclass, promise to further enhance Destiny 2’s depth and strategy.

A recent discovery by a player has revealed a new vantage point on the Widow’s Court map in Destiny 2, giving Stasis users a significant advantage. This revelation comes amid ongoing updates and changes in the game, adding another layer of complexity to the popular online shooter. Players have been eagerly discussing and experimenting with this new tactic, highlighting the continuous evolution of Destiny 2‘s gameplay dynamics.

Destiny 2, developed by Bungie, has a history of detailed map designs and strategic gameplay. Widow’s Court, a well-known map, has been the site of many tactical discoveries. The introduction of Stasis in the Beyond Light expansion added new abilities that have been game-changing. Players have continually sought ways to leverage these abilities, and the discovery is the latest example of this ongoing pursuit. Destiny 2‘s upcoming Prismatic subclass, which combines Light and Dark abilities, has also been a significant focus, offering players unprecedented customization and strategic options.


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The recent find by Reddit user Lolgisticalofficer involves a specific spot on the Widow’s Court map where Destiny 2 players can use Stasis abilities to gain a high ground advantage. By deploying a Glacier Grenade in a precise location, players can create a platform that allows them to see and control the B flag area with ease. This tactic not only provides a clear line of sight but also offers a defensive stronghold that is hard for opponents to counter. The community’s reaction has been a mix of admiration and frustration, with many players expressing their respect for ingenuity while also recognizing the potential imbalance it creates.

Destiny 2 Player Discovers New Vantage Point on Widow’s Court

In addition to this discovery, Bungie has been making other significant updates to Destiny 2. The upcoming Prismatic subclass, which blends Light and Dark abilities, promises to further change the gameplay landscape. The Final Shape expansion will introduce new enemies, exotic armor, and gameplay zones, enhancing the game’s depth and strategy. The developer’s stream and subsequent blog posts have provided detailed insights into these changes, sparking excitement and anticipation among players.

The discovery on Widow’s Court underscores the importance of player ingenuity in Destiny 2. It highlights how players continually find new ways to use the game’s mechanics to their advantage. However, it also raises questions about game balance. While such discoveries add excitement and depth, they can also create frustration among players who feel disadvantaged. Bungie’s ongoing challenge is to maintain a balance that keeps the game fair and enjoyable for all.

Despite these challenges, Destiny 2 continues to have a passionate and dedicated player base. The game’s evolving nature and Bungie’s responsiveness to player feedback are key reasons for its enduring popularity. As the community adapts to new strategies and Bungie rolls out updates, the dynamic between player discovery and developer adjustments will remain central to the game’s appeal. Ultimately, the excitement around discoveries like Lolgisticalofficer’s shows the vibrant and engaged community that makes Destiny 2 a standout title in the gaming world.

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August 28, 2017

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