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My Attack on Titan Revolution Skills Guide outlines what the Skills are, how the Skill Trees work and everything else you need to know about this game mechanic.

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Attack On Titan Revolution Skills Guide

Skills are a core feature of AOT: R which offers your player new movesets to utilize during game modes. Each Skill belongs to a category which dictates how it performs on the battlefield. The categories are Support, Defense, Offense and Family Skills. Any player can access the first three listed Skills, however, Family Skills are exclusive to lineages.

To properly balance a Missions party, it is recommended each player brings a unique set of skills to aid themselves and each other. You can gain Skills and access your current ones by speaking to the Hidden Ackerman NPC in the lobby. This NPC stands in a small green radius with an up-pointing arrow LED.

Support Skills

These Skills primarily exist to help your fellow party mates and yourself, similar to a healer role. Supporting party members don’t have as fierce combat skills, but are key to survivability in a pinch.

  • Bandages
  • Portable Resupply
  • Acoustic Shells
  • Red Flare
  • Black Flare
  • Order Advance
  • Order Rage

Defense Skills

These Skills pride themselves on shielding the user and allies from incoming attacks.

  • Counter
  • Hardy Counter
  • Emergency Relocation
  • Tough as Nails

Offense Skills

These Skills host raw damage in the form of new movesets, enjoying pummelling foes with brute force.

  • Hand Grinder
  • Blade Dance
  • Drill Thrust
  • Rising Slash
  • Torrential Steel
  • Lethal Tempo

Family Skills

A mixed bag of Skills which cherry-picks all the best features of the other Skills and compiles it as a family heirloom.

  • Swift Strikes
    • Ackerman family (Legendary)
  • Let it RIP
    • Ackerman family (Legendary)
  • Shifter Regen
    • Obtainable VIA all family lineages which allow for Titan Shifting
  • Potato