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What are these mysterious Attack on Titan Revolution Injuries? In their most basic form, they’re debuffs! It all depends on where the injury is. Luckily, you can heal injuries, just don’t damage your gas canisters…

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Attack on Titan Revolution Injuries

If you don’t know, Injuries in Attack on Titan Revolution are a little more involved than your average injury. An injury in-game isn’t just a boo-boo, it’s a full-on debuff. If you’re hit by a Titan, there’s a chance that they inflict an injury. The only way to get rid of Injuries is by using healing skills, either by yourself, a party member or by the Medic in the lobby! Or, you can opt to pay, but the former is definitely the better option.

Injury Types

There are different types of injuries to be inflicted. Some have strong debuffs, and others aren’t too bad. There’s always a way to remove said debuff by various means, but if your gas canister is injured then… it’s a whole other story.


If you get bonked on the head by a Titan you get:

  • A Concussion
    • To remove the debuff:
      • Emergency Relocation and Shifter Regen


  • The speed of your ODM gear reduces by 12.5%
  • You cannot spring while having a leg injury
  • If you land at high speed, your character trips over
  • To remove the debuff
    • Bandages, Shifter Regen, and Emergency Relocation


‘Tis but a scratch! I assure you, it’s just a flesh wound.

  • Your DMG reduces by 20%
  • Cannot use a hook with that arm
  • To remove the debuff:
    • Emergency Relocation, Shifter Regen, or Bandages


If your eyes unfortunately take damage during a Titan attack, you get:

  • Blurry Vision
    • The range of your ODM gear is now -15%
    • To remove the debuff:
      • Emergency Relocation, Shifter Regen, or Advanced Medic Bandages


If your gas canisters take damage in battle, good luck! It’s not the same as getting a body injury, but it’s still not ideal in the middle of combat.

  • Your gas reduces by 15% (no, not that type of gas)
  • You cannot heal this debuff


Ouch… that’s gotta be painful.

  • The DMG you take increases by 20%
  • HP regeneration is now 0.5x
  • To remove the debuff:
    • Master Medic Bandages, Shifter Regen, or Emergency Relocation

Healing Remedies

Right, now that you know which injuries exist in Attack on Titan Revolution, I want to go into a little more detail regarding the remedies.

  • Emergency Relocation
    • You unlock this skill via the Defense skill tree at level 10
    • Heals an injury entirely
  • Medic
    • The Medic stands to the right of the Regiment building in the main lobby town
    • Heal your injuries with Gold
  • Bandages
    • Unlocks via the Support skill tree at level 3
    • Advanced Medic Bandage
      • Heals between 25 and 35 HP
      • Works for Eye injuries too!
    • Master Medic Bandage
      • Heals between 35 and 50 HP
      • +1% HP regen every 6 seconds
      • 3 Bandages in total
      • Works for Ribcase injuries too!