NYT Strands #78 May 20, 2024 Answers (5/20/24)

If you need help finding the words in NYT Strands May 20, 2024 puzzle, we have a list of answers so you can keep your streak going! In today’s puzzle, there are seven words to be found; six are regular words and one is the Spangram. We have the answers for the NYT Strands #78 puzzle below!

Strands is a new game created by the New York Times that is a twist on the classic word search concept. It’s currently in beta and can be played through the official Strands website. Each Strands has a theme with theme words that must be found in order to solve the puzzle, but you can find non-theme words in order to generate hints to help you find the theme words.

Strands #78 May 20, 2024 Answers

The answers for Strands #78, published on May 20, 2024, are:

  • SWAN
  • UGLYDUCKLING (Spangram)

Today’s theme is “Fowl fairy tale”, which is a reference to Uglyduckling, so all of the themed words are based around that.

How to Play NYT Strands

NYT Strands is a word search-style word game with each puzzle having a theme. Letters can be used in any direction as long as they are not re-used or crossed (see image below for an example), and theme words will be highlighted in light blue.

One word, the Spangram, will describe the puzzle’s theme and will touch the left and right-most sides of the board and appear in yellow. When you have found all of the words, each letter will be used once within the letter grid.

If you’re stuck, you can find any four letter (or longer) word, and for every three of these, you can get a hint, which will reveal one of the theme words for you to highlight.

That’s everything you need to know to finish the NYT Strands #78 May 20, 2024 puzzle. If you want to find more content on the game, you can check out the NYT Strands section of our website.