How To Complete The Urban Country Challenge

Developed by Candywriter, Bitlife is a fun life simulator that allows you to control your character from life to death. This text-based game gives you the freedom to be whoever you want – be born anywhere in the world, take up your favorite career, and do so much more.

This game offers weekly challenges that players can complete to earn exciting rewards. The recent one is the Urban Country Challenge which kicked off on May 18 and will be live for the next four days. This guide will walk you through completing the Urban Country Challenge in Bitlife.


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How to Complete the Urban Country Challenge in Bitlife

bitlife urban country challenge

The Urban Country Challenge requires you to complete these five missions:

  • Be born a female in Louisiana
  • Become an R&B artist
  • Release a platinum R&B album
  • Become a country musician after releasing a platinum R&B album
  • Release a platinum country album.

How to Be Born a Female in Louisiana in Bitlife

bitlife louisiana

Firstly, you have to be born as a female in the state of Louisiana. So, drop your character’s current life and start a new one with the female gender. Once done, set the United States as your country and New Orleans as your place of birth. Lastly, make sure to choose music as your character’s special talent.

How to Become an R&B Artist in Bitlife

careers in bitlife

For the next step, you have to become an R&B artist. For that, your character must be 18 years old. Consider taking singing lessons while growing up. When you turn 18, go to Special Careers, choose Musician, and audition as a solo artist.

Keep trying until you get an offer for Rhythm and Blues (R&B) music. Note that you need to purchase the special career pack to unlock the musician career.

How to Release a Platinum R&B Album in Bitlife

This step might take a little longer because it depends on your luck. To complete it, go to the job section and select ‘Album.’ Then, create an album with the right title and song titles. It’s pertinent to mention that the album doesn’t need to hit platinum right away. You might get a notification a few years later that an earlier album went platinum.

How to Become a Country Musician in Bitlife

Now, your character will have to switch her career from R&B to Country. So, quit your current job and apply for Country music. Keep auditioning as a solo artist until you get a contract.

How to Release a Platinum Country Album in Bitlife

In the last step, you have to continue your career as a country musician and wait for the opportunity for a new album. After you sign a new contract, release a platinum album to complete the challenge.



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