Letter to the editor: Good move, mayor

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Re: ‘Free from fear and intimidation’; Israeli flag ceremony back on in Ottawa, May 11

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Congratulations to Ottawa Mayor Mark Sutcliffe for reinstating the ceremony to mark Israel’s Independence Day on May 14. It’s refreshing to see a leader who didn’t give in to the minority antisemitic terrorist supporters.

Perhaps Sutcliffe should have a chat with some of the cowardly university presidents who seem to lean too much toward extremist appeasement as opposed to doing their jobs.



Re: Police step up use of mandatory roadside alcohol testing in Ottawa, online, May 11

Mandatory testing from police officers in this city when vehicles are stopped for an infraction is simply another rights remover. Yes, people drink and drive; I can attest to that from my previous career, where I arrested many. However, an alert officer can usually tell whether someone has been under the influence after committing an infraction. Now some old lady on her way to a religious service who missed an obscure stop sign will be given a roadside breathalyzer, or will it be the soccer mom who has a pile of kids in the van who failed to yield?

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Law enforcement today is more concerned about how to harass people than how to help them.



The universal basic income is an absolute non-starter for me. I worked most of my life, budgeted my whole life and lived within my means.

Who would pay for this? Those who’ve worked for what they’ve earned? It’s this Liberal government’s way of taking from those who have paid their dues and giving it to those who haven’t earned it. This universal basic income would be a stepping stone to full-blown socialism. If you think we pay high taxes now, what until you see what happens if this is adopted.

Enough is enough, and I hope these bills die. We already have enough people who aren’t pulling their weight, but it would seem this is just another vote-buying initiative.



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