Diving Into the Future of Horror

Discovering Pools, Tensor’s first liminal horror title. A new concept of horror that goes against the stereotypes of the genre.

Pools is the experimental new title by Tensori. It aims to bring the horror genre into a new perspective, more accessible yet even more anxiety-inducing.

The title brings the player through a unique journey, capable of evoking different sensations in each player, given the use of the “liminal space” technique.

Pools offers a “relaxed” experience where players navigate through various rooms, always different in a vast complex of pools, without resorting to classic horror tropes like enemies/stalkers or jump-scares.

Pools takes psychological horror to a new level never before reached.


Tensori, the Studio Behind Pools

Pools was created by the Tensori team. A small development studio that brought Pools to life, drawing inspiration from the world of backrooms, liminal spaces, found footage, and with the support of a team of artists.

The team also produces high-quality assets for Unity.

Tensori is already developing its next project, Job On The Run. An asymmetric multiplayer action, stealth, investigative game, set to be released on Steam in a few years.

An intriguing project definitely worth keeping an eye on.

Pools Tensori

What is the “Liminal Space” Technique?

A liminal space is a transitional zone (such as a hotel corridor, a pool, an amusement park). Under particular conditions, can evoke negative sensations like anxiety, fear, or psychological discomfort.

This technique is widely used in some online videos where a certain place is filmed, evoking various memories, but the total silence, echo, and absence of familiar elements make the mind perceive that place as “dangerous” and creepy.

Pools makes very accurate use of the liminal space technique. The game translates it into an original and highly functional way.


Going Against Classic Horror: Tensori’s Brave Choice

Through Pools, Tensori made a courageous and pretty admirable choice. Go against the classic horror tropes, eliminating the now very frustrating techniques of enemies/stalkers and jump-scares.

These mechanisms, could risk making video game horror stagnant and “predictable” as has been happening in the world of cinema for several years.

Tensori used a smart system by eliminating both problems of the horror genre. Putting an end to enemies and survival mechanics attracted a good portion of the audience who don’t enjoy constant “hide-and-seek” but looks instead for a more “relaxing” and immersive experience.

Secondly, by removing the jump scare, a classic element of both cinematic and video game horror, forced and rapid fright is canceled; the team has instead created a powerful sensation of progressive unease, room after room, demonstrating the development team’s courage


When Will Pools Be Available?

Pools is already available on Steam with a small 10% discount. If you’d like to try it out, there’s also a demo available.

Highly recommended, thanks to the experimental and original nature of the title.

Happy diving into the pools of Pools!

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