A Haven of Peace in a Dystopian Future

I Am Future emerges as a simulation and adventure video game with strategic elements, developed by Mandragora Studio and published by TinyBuild. The title made its debut on PC in early access on the Steam platform on February 15, 2023, capturing the attention of fans of similar genres.

An Awakening in a Devastated World

In I Am Future, players are thrust into the role of a survivor, a nameless and amnesiac individual who awakens disoriented atop a vegetation-covered skyscraper. Their gaze falls upon Cosmopolis, once a vibrant metropolis, now reduced to a desolate landscape of ruins enveloped by untamed wilderness. Society, once dominated by powerful rival corporations, has crumbled under the weight of a protracted conflict. The protagonist, alone and bewildered, faces an uncertain future in a world in ruins.

I Am Future

Survival Through Crafting and Discovery

Resource management and crafting lie at the heart of I Am Future’s gameplay. Players must gather food, water, building materials, and tools to ensure their survival. While the crafting system is deep, it may initially seem a bit complex for newcomers. The vast array of craftable items and the various possible combinations require some initial learning to master the mechanics. However, the effort is well-rewarded by the freedom to explore the vast game world. Cosmopolis harbors secrets to uncover, new territories to conquer, and other survivors to interact with. The serene and relaxing atmosphere contrasts with the apocalyptic setting, offering a unique gaming experience.

I Am Future

A Haven of Peace Among Genre Giants

Comparing I Am Future to other survival games like Subnautica or Green Hell reveals a clear distinction. While the latter emphasize challenge and difficulty, I Am Future focuses on a leisurely pace and discovery. The absence of a constant threat allows players to fully enjoy exploration and crafting without the pressure of an unrelenting struggle for survival.

I Am Future’s slow and contemplative pace sets it apart from the more frenetic survival games. The ability to explore the game world calmly, without the constant fear of imminent danger, allows for complete immersion in the game’s atmosphere. The sense of peace and tranquility experienced while wandering through the ruins of Cosmopolis is unique and one of the title’s main strengths.

I Am Future


Seek a relaxing gaming experience centered on exploration? Then I Am Future is a title you shouldn’t miss. The deep crafting system and vast world to discover guarantee hours of fun, while the serene atmosphere helps create a unique gaming experience. Despite the initial learning curve for crafting, I Am Future stands out as a haven of peace in the survival landscape, differentiating itself from its competitors with its calm and contemplative approach.

“I Am Future, developed by Mandragora Studio and published by TinyBuild, made its PC early access debut on February 15, 2023.”

  • Deep and engaging survival gameplay
  • Well-crafted crafting system
  • Vast world full of secrets to uncove
  • Serene and relaxing atmosphere
  • Some gameplay mechanics can be a bit repetitive
  • The graphics are a bit dated
  • The game is still in early access, so some content may not be complete yet



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