The Finals not ‘leaked’ patch notes for next week has fans fighting online

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In their most recent update for the game, Embark has given a preview of what to expect in patch 2.6. As with every multiplayer game, fans haven’t always seen eye-to-eye, but things have gotten worse since Embark’s preview. The community has posted satirical ‘leaked’ patch notes for The Finals update next week, and it’s an embodiment of the community’s division.

Right now you can check out The Finals update 2.5.0 patch notes. This update doesn’t fix an unbelievable bug recently shared by the community nor does it fix a major issue worse than any other multiplayer game. However, it has pleased fans with significant buffs for the Data Reshaper.

While fans are pleased with the Data Reshaper buffs, it’s the preview of patch 2.6 that has split the community. Many fans feel that the expected changes next week will greatly benefit the game, meanwhile, others believe that the Light class is becoming even weaker.

The Finals ‘leaked’ patch notes for next week

Reddit user MaGunter_ has posted ‘leaked‘ patch notes for The Finals update 2.6. Of course, it’s a satirical joke rather than anything legitimate. It pokes fun at the expense of Light players and it is a perfect embodiment of that part of the community’s frustrations.

The perception that Embark is screwing Light over stems from the developer announcing that the controversial stun gun is getting nerfed in patch 2.6. Not only the stun gun, but the cloaking device will receive further nerfs, too. Below is what Embark has told players to expect:

Stun gun:

‘We’re aware of player frustrations around being stunned by the Stun Gun and are planning some changes to get it to a better place. However, these changes require more testing before we deploy them so it will be update 2.6 before these arrive.’

Cloaking device:

‘In addition to this change, we’re also investigating changes to the visibility of cloaked players, but these will not be deployed until the 2.6 update as they require more testing.’

In patch 2.5, the cloaking device has already had its activation cost increased from 14% to 33%, so changes to the visibility should theoretically make it even less exploitative. We previously reported on how the community felt that the stun gun was ‘stupid’ and unfair to other players because of its impact on melees and how overpowered it was with the cloaking device.

But, ever since Embark’s statement that the stun is getting nerfed, fans have been divided online. Some users have claimed that Embark is ‘catering to people who want to run off on their own and 1v3 a team’ and that ’40 year old dad gamers are effectively running this game… Complaining about having to win a ranked game like it’s impossible – challenge gets removed, complaining about getting their ass kicked in pubs by the worst class in the game – class gets nerfed’.

On the opposite side of the fence, some feel that the upcoming changes to Light are necessary. One Light player says fans should not be complaining about the upcoming changes to the cloaking device with the argument that ‘The reason so many people play cloak because it’s easy to use being spammable’.

It will be interesting to see how next week’s changes fully impact the Light class. It’s already considered way weaker than Medium and Heavy, so it’s understandable that some fans are annoyed at it getting nerfed. However, the stun gun with invisibility has felt like a cheap exploit amongst many in the playerbase, so it’s also understandable that reworks are happening.

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