The Best Last Wish Weapons To Craft First In Destiny 2


  • Last Wish weapons are craftable in Destiny 2 since 2023’s Season of the Deep update.
  • Speak with Hawthorne in the Tower to grab the Deepsight pattern quest and unlock weekly red-border weapons from the raid.
  • One of the current best DPS weapons, the Apex Predator rocket launcher, is a must-have and must-craft from the Last Wish raid.

Another older raid of Destiny 2 is receiving a loot refresh in Season of the Deep, and this time, it’s Last Wish’s turn. Players can dive deep into the Awoken city to slay Riven, in exchange for some Deepsight Patterns on these refreshed raid weapons that come packed with powerful new perks and a brand-new raid-specific Origin Trait.


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Explosive Pact is now found on all Last Wish weapons. Whenever players use their grenade ability, their stability and reload stats receive a boost. Any final blows will create more stacks of the buff, as do healing grenades. This isn’t a bad Origin Trait by any means, given how much ability spam is currently in Destiny 2. So, without further ado, here are a few suggestions as to which Last Wish weapons to craft and enhance first.

Each weapon requires five patterns to fully unlock as craftable. Enhanced perks are available as players level their crafted weapons. To start collecting Deepsights easily, speak with Hawthorne at the tower to claim
the quest “O Deepsight Mine”

Updated on April 18, 2024, by Anastasia Maillot: More and more weapons are being made craftable in Destiny 2 as time goes on. Last Wish received its own update during Season of the Deep, which absolutely skyrocketed its rocket launcher to the top DPS weapon spot in the entire game. However, other than Apex Predator, the weapons in Last Wish are average at best even with enhanced perks. Much of the issue stems from their weaker archetypes that can’t seem to compete with newer weapons even with refreshed perk pools. Despite that, one more additional recommended weapon has been added here for the best craftable weapons. Now that many of these weapons have also been out for several months and the favorite perks have been solidified in the community, some of the go-to perks have been updated as well.

6 Tyranny Of Heaven

A Decent Solar Bow

Destiny 2 Tyranny Of Heaven Bow

  • Agile Bowstring
  • Carbon Arrow Shaft

Since pulse rifles and scout rifles are doing somewhat poorly in PVE against SMGs, Tyranny of Heaven wins over Chattering Bone and Transfiguration, even if they are both excellent Kinetic slot weapons for endgame content. Granted, bows are not a go-to option for a lot of players, but with activity modifiers present in the game, it’s not a bad idea to have a decent Solar bow around, especially if players don’t happen to have Strident Whistle in their Vaults.

Tyranny of Heaven is a Solar bow, so it comes with the famous Incandescent perk that can turn it into a decent main weapon on any scorch-focused builds. Better yet, the first column can roll with Dragonfly, so players will have access to extra explosions. Its Lightweight Frame is also quite desirable, as it allows for a quick draw of the bow and relatively fast movement.

5 Transfiguration

A Kinetic, Heavy-Hitting Scout Rifle


  • Fluted Barrel
  • Appended Mag

Transfiguration is one of the better, heavier-hitting scout rifles in the game. Yes, it feels sluggish, and yes, in a game as fast-paced and riddled with ability spam as Destiny 2, it can feel like a real downgrade. But there are still places where scout rifles come in handy, especially in PVE, and that’s where Transfiguration is great competition against other scouts.

There are a few good perk combinations to go for here. The third column perk is a close battle between Rampage and Keep Away, though given the abundance of enemies in the game, Rampage might be a safer pick if players are engaged in a dense activity. The fourth column has Kinetic Tremors and Explosive Payload, both of which are incredible options for heavy-hitting single-target weapons, as they spread the damage to nearby enemies.

4 Nation Of Beasts

A Solid Hand Cannon Now That Hand Cannons Are Back In PVE

Destiny 2 Nation Of Beasts Hand Cannon

  • Arrowhead Break
  • Accurized Rounds

Hand cannons could use a bit of help in PVE, but Nation of Beasts shows a lot of promise for those who want to transition back to this good old archetype. It can now roll with Voltshot in the second column, so it will work like a charm with Arc builds in particular. After Voltshot, Explosive Payload is the classic choice that never lets players down.


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The first column has another newcomer, Eddy Current, which boosts reload after sprinting, and if the player is Amplified, this perk is even more effective. Otherwise, Perpetual Motion is a trusted option that works as a general, solid stat-boosting perk, and will pair up nicely with either Explosive Payload or Voltshot for that ad-clear potential.

3 Age-Old Bond

A Good Auto Rifle To Rival SMGs

Destiny 2 Age Old Bond Auto Rifle

  • Chambered Compensator
  • Tactical Mag

Auto rifles are on the rise with SMGs being hit with nerfs, and while they haven’t completely transitioned to being the go-to primaries for most of the community, they most likely will eventually. Age-Old Bond is interesting because it’s a Void auto rifle that comes with two excellent Void-subclass perks: Repulsor Brace and Destabilizing Rounds. Those who prefer not to make use of Void Overshields can also go for Stats for All, a widely underrated perk.

With Veist Stinger getting hit in a previous nerf as an Origin Trait, this could come to replace Funnelweb at least partially, especially with that ability to proc Repulsor Brace for that extra bit of sustainability in combat. For any Void subclass enthusiasts, be on the lookout for this one when wondering what to craft.

2 The Supremacy

An Excellent Sniper Rifle To Add Into A DPS Rotation

Destiny 2 The Supremacy Sniper Rifle

  • Arrowhead Break
  • Appended Mag

Kinetic snipers are a dime a dozen, and that’s why The Supremacy has garnered quite a bit of early attention from players in the Destiny 2 community. It’s an absolute dream come true sniper rifle for PVE purposes, mainly because the first column has Rewind Rounds, which is great for reloading the magazine gradually without having to manually reload.


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Paired with that works Fourth Time’s the Charm or Focused Fury, or even Bait and Switch, which became famous from the Vow of the Disciple raid weapons, and is absolutely beastly on any precision weapons, providing a 35% damage increase to the weapon at best. Since sniper rifles just got buffed with a general 10% PVE damage increase, this one should be high on everyone’s must-craft list, whether players enjoy sniper rifles or not.

1 Apex Predator

The Best Rocket Launcher In The Game

Destiny 2 Apex Predator Rocket Launcher

  • Volatile Launch
  • Impact Casing

No question about it, Apex Predator is looking incredibly powerful based on the early data Destiny 2 players have. This solar rocket launcher was already decent before its refreshed perk pool, but now, thanks to the existence of Bait and Switch in its second column, it has the potential to deal an immense amount of damage—more so than Explosive Light, depending on which other weapons players pair with it.

In the first column, the two main choices are either Demolitionist for grenadier builds or Reconstruction. Both are incredibly good options and will depend largely on the class and subclass the player will go for. The ideal pairing for this would be Izanagi’s Burden, to activate that Bait and Switch damage buff, along with triple Solar surge. Without a doubt, this should be the first Last Wish weapon players should craft.

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