Epic is removing V-Bucks from Fortnite accounts, here is why

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V-Bucks are the most valuable currency in Fortnite. Their main purpose is the purchase of cosmetic items from the Item Shop, which is why many players are after them. Unfortunately, the main source of this currency is the in-game shop. Considering you need to spend real money to purchase V-Bucks, it’s no surprise that many players were shocked when their V-Bucks were recently removed.

While you can earn free V-Bucks in Fortnite, this amount is not significant to buy multiple cosmetics. Furthermore, you can also buy cheaper V-Bucks in different regions, although this process is rather complicated. If your V-Bucks were removed, we’ll explain why this happened and if you can get them back.

Epic Games removes V-Bucks from many Fortnite accounts

The easiest way to purchase V-Bucks is from Fortnite’s in-game shop. Unfortunately, this is also the most expensive way. Due to this, many players choose to purchase the game’s premium currency from third-party sellers. While this is a much cheaper option, it’s not always the best. As the latest V-Bucks removal shows, buying from non-Epic stores turns out to be costly.

Epic Games explains why Fortnite players lose their V-Bucks, and this is mostly due to chargebacks. If you perform a chargeback after making a purchase in the game, your V-Bucks will likely be removed within 30 days of purchase. This also happens if you purchase V-Bucks from third-party sellers, as they mostly perform chargebacks, leaving you with no V-Bucks and no money.

Epic Games reserves the right to remove V-Bucks from your Fortnite account in certain cases. Image via Epic Games

If you recently purchased V-Bucks from a third-party seller and they were removed, there isn’t much you can do about it, unfortunately. You could ask the seller for a refund, but your request likely won’t be granted. Due to this, make sure to purchase V-Bucks only from Fortnite’s in-game store or through a V-Bucks gift card.

In extremely rare cases, Epic may remove your V-Bucks on accident. If this happened to you, we advise you to contact Epic Games support. Epic’s customer service will either add V-Bucks back to your account or explain why exactly they were removed. However, if you purchased them from an unofficial source or you performed chargeback, you will not get V-Bucks back in most cases.