Classic Black Ops map is getting remastered for CoD 2024 according to leaks

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Activision is set to unveil this year’s new Call of Duty installment fairly soon. It’s rumored to be a continuation of the Black Ops series, and it will reportedly take place in the Gulf War. As a continuation of the beloved BO series, many fans will be pleased to hear that a classic and iconic Black Ops map is getting remade for Call of Duty 2024 according to leaks.

There is a lot to anticipate with this year’s CoD. We have a hub discussing all of the known leaks and rumors so far, and these include over 100 leaked guns, perks, and killstreaks, as well as leaked details about zombies that should excite fans who were disappointed by Modern Warfare 3.

Reports indicate that the Call of Duty 2024 reveal is imminent. While nothing official has been shared as of writing, there are plenty of rumors and leaks, with one indicating that a classic Black Ops map is returning in a move that wouldn’t surprise fans but would still please them nonetheless.

Nuketown is getting remade for Call of Duty 2024

Call of Duty centric Twitter account, MW3CODInformer, has posted online that ‘Call of Duty Black Ops Gulf War will reportedly feature remastered maps from the entire Black Ops series’. There are no specific names mentioned, but the tweet is accompanied by an image of Nuketown.

Nuketown getting remastered and remade for Call of Duty 2024 wouldn’t be surprising at all as it’s been a staple of the Black Ops series. It was in Black Ops 2 as Nuketown 2025, and it was last remade in Black Ops Cold War as Nuk3town. It has also been featured in Call of Duty Mobile.

Although not confirmed and only rumored/leaked as of writing, it’s natural for fans to expect a new Nuketown variant because of its attachment to the Black Ops saga. 

Seeing as the Gulf War took place from 1990 to 1991, we should perhaps expect a Nuketown map centered around the 90s. One Reddit user has humorously hypothesized a ’90s Nuketown map with ‘Nirvana and Uma Thurman in Pulp Fiction posters on the wall in one of the bedrooms, a big Macintosh desktop in the corner, and Sad But True used for the trailer’.

Aside from Nuketown, it’ll be interesting to see what other maps are remastered from the Black Ops series. Again, there’s no hint at anything other than Nuketown which everyone expected anyway.

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