RPGs That Let You Role Play As An Idiot

Every role-playing game allows the player to take on the identity of a new character, and join them on a journey to become a powerful hero. Most of the time, these RPGs let players customize their protagonist’s powers and clothing options so that the game feels unique to them and their playstyle. Doing so often means that the player will pick up powerful weapons and skill sets to beat their enemies in the most efficient ways possible. Obviously, players will also need a healthy dose of brains to role-play correctly in an RPG.


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Brains aren’t always everything, however. A standard RPG may be challenging, but some players will choose to play a video game that allows them to switch off their brains and relax. Other times, it is just more fun to role-play as a complete buffoon. Fortunately, there are some RPGs that let players role-play idiots.

6 Pokemon Legends: Arceus

Taking The Wrong Pokemon To The Final Battle

Pokemon Legends Arceus

January 28, 2022

Whether any games in the Pokemon series are RPGs is a topic that is hotly debated among the gaming community. If anything, the game in the series that fits this genre the best is the spin-off game, Pokemon Legends: Arceus. This game, set in the past, tasks players with catching a unique team of Pokemon to save the world, while also completing Pokedex tasks to level up their character and unlock more of the open world.

Playing this game is normally simple, and so players do not need to look up high-level strategies to complete the main story. However, anyone looking to role-play through this RPG as an idiot can simply catch a single weak Pokemon, like Bidoof, and try to solo-run the game without evolving it by pressing B on the evolution screen. It may be difficult to finish the game this way, but that’s not how smart players role-play.

5 Fable

Be A Powerful Hero, Devious Villain, Or An Idiot

Fable (2004)

September 14, 2004

The promise that every Fable game has made to players is that they get to choose their own path. This normally refers to the fact that the player can make certain choices throughout the game that will affect their morality, and subsequently, how the NPCs in the open world react to the character. As such, players can make an evangelical hero who is loved by all or a wicked tyrant that villagers fear. Alternatively, players can wander around as a detestable bonehead.

Fable is an RPG that comes with an emotion wheel. Players can use this feature to interact with the people in the games to receive praise or fall in love. However, some of these emotions include swearing, belching, and vulgar thrusts. Such behavior is quite idiotic, and the public in Fable will view players who act like this as such. Plus, overeating or drinking too much alcohol affects the protagonists’ appearance and has a few side effects that make them appear more idiotic in their adventures.

4 Fallout 4

Use An Idiot’s Stats In The Wasteland

Fallout 4

November 10, 2015

Exploring the wasteland as the sole survivor in Fallout 4 to find their lost son is something that requires a certain amount of skills and resources. However, intelligence need not be one of them.


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When creating a character in this RPG, players can separate their stat points between seven major skills, with one of these being intelligence. Leveling up and adding to these stats will unlock new perks for the player character in the game, though it is possible to finish the main story without leveling up the intelligence stat. As a result, the character in this RPG remains an idiot, and is left with few dialogue options, and will also not get to unlock any tech perks which are useful for upgrading weapons and armor. Still, it is fun to run around and hit things with a stick without asking questions.

3 Stardew Valley

Running A Farm Can Be Hard For The Stupid, But Not Impossible

Stardew Valley

February 26, 2016


RPG , Simulation

Stardew Valley starts with the playable protagonist getting off a bus to start their new life on the farm left to them in their uncle’s will. Fortunately, this late uncle does not seem to mind that their nephew may be an idiot. This farm-based RPG is a relaxing game where the player must use their resources to make a profit by farming and engage with quests from the NPCs in the village to better their lives.

Farming food in this game is easy, though, so players do not have to work very hard to live the simple life they have always dreamed of. Sure, planting and selling crops over again will give players more money to upgrade their farms by adding sprinklers or a greenhouse to produce more profitable plants more quickly. However, anyone looking to role-play as an idiot can easily make a living by doing the bare minimum and selling the few plants they can grow with the starting equipment. That way, they can spend more time ignoring the friendly villagers and exploring the nearby mines.

2 Elden Ring

Idiots Get To Avoid Using Summoning Spells

Elden Ring

February 25, 2022

In the fantasy RPG, Elden Ring, players are given the opportunity to create a character and decide how they fight, and what weapons are best to use, based on the eight skills that they fill when leveling up. These eight stats include Vigor, which adds to the player’s HP, and Strength, which adds to the player’s damage output when using melee weapons. Dexterity increases speed, and Faith increases the likelihood of miracles and divine abilities. Standard stats like Endurance and Arcane also reduce the amount of damage taken by melee and magical attacks, respectively.


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However, there are two other stats, Mind and Intelligence, that players can choose to neglect if they wish to role-play an idiot. In the Elden Ring universe, Mind directly relates to Focus Points, which means players who are playing an idiot will find it tricky to cast magic. Also, neglecting Intelligence will reduce the damage output that magical attacks deal the enemy. Therefore, anyone looking to play this game as an idiot will have to mitigate the use of magic almost entirely.

1 Baldur’s Gate 3

At Least One Player At The DND Table Will Play Like An Idiot

Many players of Baldur’s Gate 3 find the game to be the perfect introductory course for anyone looking to get into Dungeons and Dragons. That is because this fantasy RPG is a turn-based video game that uses the gameplay mechanics of the classic dice-rolling tabletop role-playing game. As such, players start the game by assigning a class and stats to their new character. The game features many of the standard RPG stat options to level up, such as Strength, Constitution, and Intelligence. Therefore, anyone looking to role-play as an idiot should just ignore any classes that need Intelligence or Wisdom to survive.

However, another big part of Baldur’s Gate 3 is assembling a party and wandering the open world. Every possible companion in this game has a backstory, stat page, and personal moral code. As such, players can further their pursuit of role-playing as an idiot in Baldur’s Gate 3 by recruiting a group of fellow idiots and making bad decisions together in the Forgotten Realms.


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