Call of Duty 2024 zombies leaks should excite fans disappointed by MW3

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Although Modern Warfare 3 sold extremely well, it isn’t massively loved by the Call of Duty community. Most complaints were directed at the short campaign as well as the overall price, but there has also not been a lot of love found for the game’s zombies mode. Fortunately, for fans disappointed with MW3, leaks for zombies in Call of Duty 2024 sound a lot better and a blast from the past.

Plenty has been potentially leaked ahead of Activision’s official reveal. Details about the imminent reveal have leaked including the possibility that Call of Duty 2024 could be free for millions of gamers from day one. Not only that, but over 100 guns, perks, and killstreaks have leaked, and there are mouth-watering details about the campaign, too.

While the campaign sounds brilliant, the primary reason many buy CoD is for the multiplayer and zombies. Many have been disappointed with the living dead in Modern Warfare 3, but, thankfully, zombies in Call of Duty 2024 seem poised to be the best in nearly a decade.

Call of Duty 2024 zombies leaks

There are some exciting leaks for Call of Duty 2024, rumored to be called Black Ops Gulf War, in regard to its zombies mode. The first primary leak is that round-based zombies are returning. This will be heavily welcomed by the community who are not fans of the open-world alternative found in Modern Warfare 3.

Many fans regard Black Ops 3 as the best version of CoD zombies, so round-based returning to Black Ops Gulf War would be fantastic news and a return to the series’ heyday. Of course, this is merely leaks and nothing official as of writing.

Leaks about the return of round-based come courtesy of datamines covered and shared by YouTuber MrRoflWaffles. While round-based is enough to get fans jumping with glee, other details have been shared including maps and features.

According to leaks, there will be the return of classic features Mystery Box, Pack a Punch, large ammo cache boxes, and a new mysterious device called Dark Aether Field Emitter. It’s currently unknown exactly what the Dark Aether involves.

These features will be present in two maps. One of the maps will reportedly take place on a creepy carrier ship, meanwhile, the other map is reportedly set in a city. This city is said to have multiple zones such as a bank and church, and it will also be home to scattered machines currently datamined as LTGD, Pressure Gauge, and EPP.

Lastly, in addition to all of the above, there are rumors that Gobblegum will return from Black Ops 3, too. Gobblegum machines have been missed, and their return would be great for fans because they were one of the most beloved features part of Black Ops 3 zombies.

For more CoD news, a specially leaked Call of Duty 2024 perk is bound to upset fans.