Bumi: Next Stop Earth is a new game that wants to show an eco-friendly message

  • Bumi: Next stop, Earth! is a new environmentalism-focused game coming April 22nd
  • Play minigames to save the Earth as aliens fleeing a ravaged planet
  • Combining puzzles, minigames and city-management gameplay, Bumi drops just in time for Earth Day

It’s almost Earth Day! That means it’s almost time for you to finally become conscious of being environmentally friendly and do a bit of recycling after bunking off for most of the year. Fortunately, in between all the work of saving the planet (and sorting your rubbish into separate bins), you can relax with the upcoming game Bumi: Next Stop, Earth! from developer Blamorama Games.

Combining city manager, minigames and more, Bumi: Next stop, Earth! puts you in the shoes of aliens fleeing their environmentally-ravaged planet. Finding their way to Bumi (Earth) they decide to put down roots and rebuild. Take on the task of cleaning up the planet through a variety of minigames, like surfing to collect ocean trash or, yes, sorting your recycling.

Set to release on April 22nd to coincide with Earth Day, Bumi will be available on the App Store and Google Play.

Reduce, reuse, recycle

Aside from the quirky concept, we have to admit that Bumi: Next stop, Earth! boasts a pretty hefty amount of content with all these minigames and the city-building concept. Often many games with a ‘message’ might suffer from lacking the core gameplay that makes them interesting to effectively deliver that message. So could Bumi be one of the exceptions? More importantly, can it carry its message?

Well, as the founder of developer Blamorama Games, Ingrid Fridesjö, put it, “Games are a great way to learn and are an opportunity to actually make an impact. We believe that our game, Bumi: Next stop, Earth! can be an intersection between gaming, education and sustainability, which we hope can inspire people to make an impact.”

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