Amikin Survival opens for pre-orders on Android

Join me on the wonderful trip down the inspiration rabbit hole; much as Palworld seemingly “borrowed” many aspects from the hit Pokemon franchise, it is time for the heavily armed animal survival to also spawn some illegitimate children as Helio Games announce pre-registration for Amikin Survival: Anime RPG.

Amikin Survival is set in the world of Amiterra, a world populated by adorable little Amikins. Having awoken with no memory of how you got here or what’s happening, it’s time to do the only logical thing; capture these cuddly critters and force them to do battle are you explore this fantasy sci-fi land.

When you arrive you will have nothing, so you will have to scavenge what you can to build yourself a shelter. Luckily, wherever you came from is technologically savvy, so you can inject some science into this lush land. Transform your primitive base to a bustling command centre, where you Amikins will show their willingness to adapt to the times.

As well as a stable home, you will need to befriend these mysterious little fellows to ensure your survival. There are dozens of mystical manikins for you to collect, each with its own unique playstyle to master. Collect them all or cherrypick your favourites, there is no wrong way to play. Unless you choose not to catch everything, then you are wrong.

Each Amikins hold untapped potential, which you will be able to unleash through the power of breeding. Merge similar kinds together and you will bolster their abilities, and a bit of scientific fighting will result in some top-tier traits. It might take a few tries, but soon you will have an unstoppable team.

Of course, these types of games are silly, putting cuddly animals to work on computers and that, so Amikin Survival bakes this into proceeding with what they call their meme magic. Your adventures will uncover pop culture references aplenty and many lighthearted moments to keep you laughing all session long.

Amikin Survival is available for pre-registration from Google Play now.