This error is a really bad look for EA.

The Sims 4 Infants Update launched with only a slight delay at around 10:20 AM PT, but many EA App users can’t get into their game library at all.

Simmers who logged into the EA App to download the latest Sims 4 Base Game Update received an annoyingly coy error message that read, “Login did not go as planned. We couldn’t log you in because the network failed to do its network thing. Try again in a few minutes.”

Some users who are able to log in after several attempts find that their game library is completely empty. While Steam users are enjoying a huge base game update, long-time Sims players who started their collection on Origin can’t play the game at all.

Screenshot by Twinfinite

The EA App is the successor to the Origin game launcher. Origin users have been forcibly migrated to the EA App over a period of months, frustrating many Simmers with errors that make it impossible to play.

Though this is just one in a long line of issues with the EA App, the timing of this one is particularly hard to swallow. EA has hosted two Behind the Sims Summit live streams to publicize the launch of this latest update, so there’s a huge, glaring spotlight on this error. To add insult to injury, the EA App is currently advertising a Spring Sims Sale, where users who have already spent actual money on their Sims library can’t even access their game.

Some users have reported that after exiting the EA App and restarting their computer, their game library has been restored and the update is available. We will update this story as more information becomes available.

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