The Anime 20th Anniversary Outfit version of Sasuke Uchiha is now available to summon in Naruto x Boruto Ninja Voltage. Players have until April 10, 2023 to pull for him. There are also four different Ninja Cards that you can equip Sasuke with, all with varying effects and attacks.

Three of this version’s Sasuke’s Ninja Cards use lightning, and one of them uses fire. This is a reference to Sasuke’s early Katon Jutsus before Kakashi taught him Chidori during the Chuunin Exam Arc. Since then, Chidori has become a signature move of his. These Cards allow him to use Jutsus from the show and manga. For example, his 5-star Ninja Card: Reverberating Thunderclap in the Night uses his Kirin technique.

Naruto x Boruto Ninja Voltage is an action and strategy game that has an element of fortress defense. You can create your own fortress and defend it against enemy attacks while simultaneously laying siege to your opponents. There is a multiplayer function so you can play with your friends. Like most mobage, it is free-to-play but has microtransactions that require real-life money.

Naruto x Boruto Ninja Voltage is readily available on Android and iOS devices, and the Anime 20th Anniversary Outfit Sasuke is in the gacha of until April 10, 2023.

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