Fortnite Chapter 4 has brought a ton of changes to the game we love. And, if we’re talking about changes, the first obvious change is always the weapons. Epic absolutely loves releasing new weapons and vaulting old good guns.

While the weapons in chapter 4 are somewhat disappointing, there are still some pretty good ones you can use. Here is a list of the 10 best weapons in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1.


Red-Eye Assault Rifle

DPS: 112 (Common), 140 (Legendary)| Reload Time: 2.75s (Common), 2.25s (Legendary) | Mag Size: 25

When it comes to ARs in this chapter, it really doesn’t get better than the Red-Eye Assault Rifle. It’s a gun with a red-dot sight that makes it great for long distant fights.

The gun has 140 DPS and stores 25 bullets in the magazine. Of the handful of assault rifles available this season, the Red-Eye takes the cake for the best rifle by far. The reload speed is a little slow, but the fire rate more than makes up for it.


Tactical Pistol

2 - Tactical Pistol

DPS: 156.4 (Common), 190.4 (Legendary)| Reload Time: 1.5s (Common), 1.3s (Legendary) | Mag Size: 15

The Tactical Pistol is an insane addition to the Fortnite weapons lineup and is a pistol that we genuinely want to use. Due to the fact that there’s no super reliable SMG in this season, the Tactical Pistol actually serves as a brilliant replacement.

It has a high burst damage, decent range, and an amazing fire rate. It can outshoot any gun in the game and there’s a pretty good chance you’ll want to carry this in your loadout until the end of the game. Overall, it’s a great gun to utilize light bullets in the game.


Twin Mag SMG

Twin Mag SMG, one of the best guns in Fortnite in the SMG category

DPS: 208 (Common), 260 (Legendary)| Reload Time: 1.3s (First), 2.3s (Second) | Mag Size: 20

With shotguns being as bad as they are in this season, players are going to have to look for other options. One of the best guns you should pick up for close-range damage is Twin Mag SMGs. Firstly, it’s important to note that there will be absolutely no benefit of using this gun at medium to long distances.

The recoil on the SMG is absolutely insane and you’ll be swinging all over the place even if the target is slightly far away. If you’re bad with recoil, you should just go for the Tactical Pistol. It won’t put out that much damage but it’s still good enough.

With the fast-firing rates, the Twin Mag can very easily outshoot a shotgun, especially the bad ones from this season.


Assault Rifle

4 - Assault Rifle

DPS: 165 (Common), 198 (Legendary)| Reload Time: 2.7s (Common), 2.2s (Legendary) | Mag Size: 30

The SCAR Assault Rifle is a traditional weapon that was unvaulted for Chapter 4. It’s one of the best weapons in Fortnite due to its versatility. It’s a great way to use an empty spot in your inventory. It’s a gun that is consistently good in a variety of situations.

If you can hit your shots, you could potentially beat a person at close range with a shotgun. The gun is nothing special and has nothing flashy. But it’s super practical, which makes it a great pick-up for any type of situation.



5 - DMR

DPS: 112.5 (Common), 145 (Mythic)| Reload Time: 2.75s (Common), 2.12s (Mythic) | Mag Size: 10

The DMR was never really a super popular gun. It’s an ‘oh, I found it, might as well use it for 31 seconds until I find something better’ kind of gun. Despite being around for more than a few seasons, the gun hasn’t really found much footing with players.

But, due to the lack of sniping weapons this season, the DMR is finally picking up some popularity. It’s particularly easy to land headshots from the first-person perspective through the scope so you should be able to do a fair bit of damage from afar.


Ex-Caliber Rifle

6 - ExCaliber Rifle

DPS: 27.9 (Rare), 40.3 (Legendary)| Reload Time: 5.2s (Rare), 4.9s (Legendary) | Mag Size: 3

The Ex-Caliber Rifle is more of a sticky-bomb grenade launcher as compared to an actual rifle. The gun featured a brand-new concept for a Fortnite gun. Instead of shooting bullets, it shoots swords that explode on impact.

However, the gun is super difficult to use. There’s a lot of bullet drop over long ranges and the gun doesn’t do much damage to structures. However, if you can manage to stick a player with a few swords, you’ll do an insane amount of damage.

There are two ways to get the Ex-Caliber Rifle. You can either pick it up from a chest or get it by killing The Ageless Champion. You can find him in The Citadel. The Ex-Caliber you pick up from him will be a lot stronger than the normal one.


Rocket Launcher

7 - Rocket Launcher

DPS: 52.5 (Common), 97.5 (Legendary)| Reload Time: 4.68s (Common), 2.52s (Legendary) | Mag Size: 1

The Rocket Launcher is the gun that everyone likes to use but no one likes it when it’s being used against them. It’s a great way to do explosive damage to structures. The reason why we’re featuring this in our list of best weapons in Fortnite is because of how useful it is in the no-build mode.

In no-build mode, the RPG can easily knock down trees, rocks, and other places that players like to take cover behind. In other words, it’s not really going to be the main method of inflicting damage in a fight, but it will definitely help you set up damage from other guns in your loadout.


Thunder Shotgun

8 - Thunder Shotgun

DPS: 69.92 (Common), 89.68 (Legendary)| Reload Time:5.8s (Common), 5.3s (Legendary) | Mag Size: 8

I just cannot emphasize enough how bad the shotguns are in this chapter. Shotguns have been the meta pretty much since Fortnite was released. However, it looks like Epic is encouraging players to try out different load-outs without relying on shotguns. This is probably the first season ever that you’ll see players without shotguns in their inventory.

Regardless, the Thunder Shotgun is just the best from a list of bad shotguns offered this time around. It shoots two rounds at the same time and if you can land them, you’ll do devastating damage. But, in case you miss those two shots, you’re most probably going to lose the fight.


Primal Flame Bow

9 - Primal Flame Bow

DPS: 75 (Rare), 83 (Legendary)| Reload Time: 0.7s (Rare), 0.7s (Legendary) | Mag Size: 1

The Primal Flame Bow is not exactly a ‘gun’. But, it’s good enough to be featured on our list of best weapons in Fortnite. Bows, generally speaking, are amazing in the game right now. A headshot from a bow can be devastating and when you throw fire into the mix, things are just that much more fun.

Similar to the RPG, the reason why we love the Primal Flame Bow is its ability to set objects (and people!) on fire. This means that you can draw out your opponents from whatever structure they are hiding behind. However, you should keep in mind that you probably won’t be able to spam the bow way too much.

The ammo for the Primal Flame Bow is rare and you will need to conserve your shots if you want to use this bow effectively.


Machine SMG

10 - Machine SMG

DPS: 189 (Common), 243 (Legendary)| Reload Time: 2.7s (Common), 2.25s (Legendary) | Mag Size: 33

The Machine SMG is a mediocre gun that has the potential to be game-changing in very specific scenarios. This is a gun that everyone will be happy to find off spawn, but probably no one will carry it through to the mid/end-game scenario.

Similar to the Twin Mag SMG, it does a good bit of damage, packs a punch at close range, and has a good rate of fire.

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