Every Fire Emblem Engage update so far added a new feature, and 1.3.0 is no exception. This time, there are the typical additions like DLC support and fixes for unspecified issues. However, the new Fire Emblem Engage patch notes also introduce the Ancient Well and Inherit Skills compatibility.

The Inherit Skill options increases it to apply to two areas in Fire Emblem Engage. The Ring Chamber was one. Now, the Arena is the other.

As for the Ancient Well, you can now access it not far from the Wyvern Ride minigame on the Somniel. You can toss weapons and items you don’t want to potentially exchange them for new, better, and unusual ones. After depositing items in the well, you’ll see your upgrade chance and be able to pick up new ones after the next battle.

The Japanese Twitter account showed some of the food-themed options you can get.

Here are the full Fire Emblem Engage patch notes for the 1.3.0 update from Nintendo’s support site.

General Updates

  • Compatible with Wave 3 of the Expansion Pass.
  • From Chapter 7 forward, you’ll be able to exchange items at the ancient well on the Somniel. You’ll need to talk to the proprietor of the armory.
  • You can now use Inherit Skills in the Arena.
  • Issues have been fixed to make for a more pleasant gaming experience.

Fire Emblem Engage is available for the Nintendo Switch. The Veronica and Chrom/Robin DLC is out now.

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