A new trailer and character information came out on Twitter for Veronica before she appears in Fire Emblem: Engage as DLC. She is part of the Wave 3 add-ons, and she will debut as an Emblem alongside the Chrom and Robin duo on March 7, 2023. Veronica is a support-type Emblem who can improve a character’s damage potential.

Veronica’s Syncho Skill activates when a character is not at full health. It increases their attack by 30% based on how much health they have lost. Her Engage Weapon is the Hliðskjálf, which will prevent an enemy from counterattacking when you attack them. This makes her a useful Emblem on characters who are slow or have low defense. You can also use her Contract skill on an ally who has already moved that turn. They will be able attack again, but they cannot move.

Finally, even though Fire Emblem Engage is not a mobage, you can gacha using Veronica and her Engage Skill with the DLC. Her Summon Hero Engage Skill will randomly call upon a unit. The video shows her summoning a 5-star Marth. You can control the unit, though it is unclear if she can only call upon Emblems.

As for Veronica as a character in Fire Emblem Engage, Rina Hidaka is reprising her role in the Japanese dub of the game. Hidaka previously voiced Last Order in A Certain Magical Index and Catura in Granblue Fantasy. In her Bond conversation with Alear, she expressed her desire to “have” him. Alear has a somewhat confused reaction to that.

Fire Emblem Engage is readily available on the Nintendo Switch. Veronica is part of the Wave 3 DLC and will appear in-game for those with the Expansion Pass from March 7, 2023.

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