Panic aired Playdate Update 3 and went over things to come for its handheld, and among the major reveals were a price increase and look at new games available in the just-added Catalog. Starting on April 7, 2023, it will go up to $199 from $179. There are also new games out immediately, two being free, via the Catalog storefront’s launch. The presentation also ended with a confirmation that the stereo dock peripheral is still in the works.

With regards to the price increase, it is due to costs to make a Playdate going up. The announcement noted that any orders already placed won’t be affected. Also, Panic chose to increase the price on April 7, 2023, rather than immediately, to give people “on the fence” a chance to get one at the original price.

As for the new games, you can gain access to them on your Playdate by updating the handheld to get the Catalog. Two of them, called Recommendation Dog!!! and Reel Steel, are free. They are retroactively being added to the Season One titles. However, the following additions alongside the Catalog shop release cost money.

  • Bloom – $10
  • The Botanist – $9
  • Carve Jr. – $8
  • Direct Drive – $15
  • Down the Oubliette – $5
  • Eyeland – $2
  • Grand Tour Legends – $6
  • Hidey Spot – $6
  • A Joke that’s Worth 99 Cents – $1
  • Playmaker – $15
  • Skew: A The Last Worker Spin-off – $6
  • Swap Machina – $5
  • Tapeworm Disco Puzzle – $9
  • Word Trip – $6

Finally, the stereo dock is still being developed for the Playdate. It will be a charger and bluetooth speaker. Panic has beta samples on-hand.

Here’s the full update video.

Playdate is available worldwide, with a price increase coming on April 7, 2023 and new games now available in the Catalog on the handheld.

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