It’s a big time for VR right now. You know, what with Sony’s PlayStation VR 2 releasing for the PS5 and all. While not every home has one, more people are getting chances to play via various types of headsets. So we figured now might be the best time for us to talk about our favorite VR games and recommend some of them.

There’s always going to be a spot in my heart for Tetris Effect, regardless of platform, but if we’re talking about the game that’s the best at using VR as a medium? That’s Astro Bot: Rescue Mission. Like Super Mario 3D Land used the depth of the 3DS screen, Astro Bot brought the awareness of VR to do interesting things with an already-popular platforming genre.

Also Astro is just very good and my friend. — Graham

Being an OG PSVR owner, I’m not exactly up to date with the tech these days, but my experience with it has taught me that I’m a less comfortable with the free-movement “walking” VR games that thought I’d be. With that in mind, my favorite VR game so far has been SUPERHOT VR. It has an unimpeachable vibe and is exactly the right combination of static and moving that lets you feel like a bad-ass while in reality you’re mostly standing still and flailing your arms around.

Tied for that is the adaptation of MyDearest’s Altdeus: Beyond Chronos. It might be one of the more interesting explorations of VR-aided Visual Novel-style games, and takes advantage of the perspective to play some fun tricks with its storytelling. — Josh

It has to be Job Simulator for me. It captures what can be fun about VR! It’s accessible! It isn’t trying too hard to do too much! You can play it briefly or show it off to show someone how VR can work. However, if you do really like it, you can play it for a longer period of time. I’d definitely consider it one of the best VR games out there, even after all this time.

Plus, it’s nowhere near as stressful as my harrowing experiences with Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes. Play it with the wrong people and it’s not only harrowing, but endlessly frustrating. — Jenni

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