An Age Contrived: Tabletop Game of Fantasy Gods Crushes Kickstarter Funding Goal with Almost $250,000 Pledged So Far

Bellows Intent’s An Age Contrived, a tabletop game of engine building and fantasy gods, has taken Kickstarter by storm, with almost $250,000 pledged towards its £30,000 goal with 21 days still left to go.

In An Age Contrived, players take on the role of gods in the Eldranic pantheon, where their power is only as strong as the mortals who believe in them. Players must unite the mortal realm and develop civilization to lead the pantheon into a new age. The game offers players five different ways to build their engine and customize their actions and abilities to make the most of each turn.

Each god in An Age Contrived is unique, and their powers lie dormant until called upon. As players unite the mortal realm, they can unleash their full potential and bring their force to bear in a way the others wish they could. The game also features gameplay-supporting components never seen before in tabletop, including magnetic monuments, mechanical player boards, chunky tokens, and detailed miniatures.

An Age Contrived is a love letter to euro games and takes inspiration from modern classics. Players will taste familiar flavors while experiencing new and unique twists on the genre. The game encourages players to plan ahead but requires them to adapt in order to come away victorious.

With the campaign set to run for 21 more days, there’s still time to back An Age Contrived and join the pantheon of gods competing for dominance over the mortal realm.



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