People will see all sorts of Slowpoke during the Pokemon GO March 2023 Community Day, as both the standard version of Slowpoke and its Galarian version will appear. It will be held on March 18, 2023. Things kick off at 2pm local time, as usual, and last for three hours until 5pm. As usual, there will be a higher rate of shiny appearances as well.

This Pokemon GO March 2023 Community Day also means a special move for both Slowpoke and its Galarian form. All Slowbros and Slowkings will learn Surf as their Charged Attack upon evolving. As usual, this is a move that these characters won’t normally learn when they evolve. To make it easier to evolve Galarian Slowpoke into a Galarian Slowbro, the requirement will change from 2pm to 10pm local time to catching 30 psychic types while the character is your buddy. Normally, you need to catch 30 poison type Pokemon to achieve that feat.

Some other returning elements will appear for the Community Day. There will also be a paid Slowpoke Special Research, which people can get for $1. This involves both versions of the character. It will be called Field Notes: Slow and Slower. Incense and Lures will both last for three hours. You can make an additional Special Trade, and all trades’ Stardust cost is halved. You also get twice as much candy and three times as much experience from catching Pokemon.

Pokemon GO is available on Android and Apple iOS devices. The Pokemon GO March 2023 Community Day featuring Slowpoke and its Galarian form will be held March 18, 2023. The February 2023 day featured Noibat.


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