Mantic Games has announced the upcoming release of Dungeon Saga Origins, a new dungeon crawler that blends classic fantasy with modern rules. The game will be available on Kickstarter soon, with a special ‘Legendary Edition’ in the works.

As fans eagerly await the release of Dungeon Saga Origins, Mantic Games has offered a sneak peek at four of the game’s heroes. These brave adventurers will be the first to journey into the depths of Dureg’s Halls, facing untold dangers and challenges along the way.

First up is Danor, a gifted student of the magical arts who has impressed his tutors with his abilities, even if he lacks enthusiasm. Despite his humble background and demeanor, Danor has been chosen by the wise Master to undertake a quest of great importance.

Next is Orlaf, a sellsword known for his tremendous strength and skill with blades and fists. Despite his tough exterior, Orlaf is remarkably far-sighted and hopes to score big in the City of the Golden Horn.

Madriga, a renowned warrior and leader, has chosen to resign from her position in the Sea Guard and seek adventure around the world. Her fierce reputation precedes her, and she is sure to be a valuable member of any adventuring party.

Finally, Rordin is a cheerful and sociable dwarf who stands out from his typically dour and insular kin. He may not be without faults, but Rordin is a fearsome warrior and an ideal leader for any dungeon expedition.

Fans of fantasy and dungeon-crawling games are sure to be excited for the upcoming release of Dungeon Saga Origins, and these four heroes are just a taste of what’s to come. Stay tuned for more information on the Kickstarter campaign and the game’s release date.


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