Farming can be a big money maker in Like a Dragon: Ishin. Ginseng is a high value crop for orders. For example, an order for one ginseng could earn you 45,000mon. However, it can take a long time to grow and a long time to even get in when farming in the Yakuza spin-off Like a Dragon: Ishin.

How to Get Ginseng to Grow in Like a Dragon: Ishin

This will take a while and a lot of Virtue. You need to buy all of the Farm Expansions to get it first. Level 1 of that is 500 Virtue. Level 2 is 1,500 Virtue. Level 3 costs 4,000 Virtue. Finally, the fourth “Max” level is 10,000 Virtue. That ends up being 16,000 just to make the option to “buy” the ability to grow ginseng at a shrine show up.

Once you do that, it costs 10,000 Virtue for Green Thumb: Ginseng to unlock it.

How Long Does Ginseng Take to Grow in Like a Dragon: Ishin?

A while! Things like carrots and daikon radishes are “fast” crops in the game. They’ll be done in a minute or less. However, ginseng is a slow crop like strawberries or taro roots. So it might be best to play some, go cook or head into town for a bit, then come back.

Like a Dragon: Ishin is available on the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC.


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