Resident Evil 5 is one of the more divisive entries in the series. It continues the story of Chris and a new playable companion, Sheva. The title was touted as a memorable entry due to the first-time inclusion of cooperative play in the series that allowed players to control each protagonist locally via split-screen play or online. However, the former was a feature only the consoles, with unofficial support on the PC via mods. An update later today has made it officially available and removed Games for Windows Live.

Resident Evil 5 Adds Native Co-op Split Screen For PC

Resident Evil 5 may not have been of the same prestige as its predecessor, Resident Evil 4, but it did try something new that was unprecedented in the series to that point – local co-op. A major feature in the 7th console generation: PS3, Xbox 360, and even the Wii, was the ability to play couch co-op games on the console which really made the console generation one of the more memorable ones.

In a recent update to the Steam version, the developers seem to have made 2 major changes to the game, both of which are revolutionary for the title.

The changelog posted on Steam

Games for Windows Live was easily one of the worst DRM’s of its time. Stapled to titles like Street Fighter 4, Grand Theft Auto 4, and a plethora of other titles on PC, the DRM did more harm than good, even after the closure of the service.

However, the highlight here is that local split screen co-op has now been added to the now 14 year old title, allowing PC players to play on the same computer without any mods, making this a great reason to play through the game again if you haven’t done so already.


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