Logs are one of the most important resources in Sons of the Forest. 

You’ll use it to make any big structures including walls, doors, flooring, buildings and so on.

In this early access version of Sons of the Forest, there seems to be a bug that spawned infinite logs.


Spawning infinite logs bug

During my playthrough, my friend managed to discover a bug that allowed him to spawn infinite logs.

What happened was during the construction of walls, trying to place more logs resulted in logs multiplying.

As the ground was uneven, we couldn’t place the log directly beside the wall.

Sons Of The Forest: Infinite Logs Bug

The attempt to place a log resulted in the animation of placing the log but nothing was actually placed. 

Each time he did it, another log spawns. It’s one of the bugs that will probably be patched but may work in the meantime.

Sons Of The Forest: how to get infinite logs


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