Shovel is one of the Key Items that is required to progress ahead in the story. As players gather the resources and explore the marked points on the map, they will realize that they will need a Shovel in order to explore the further points of interest. However, getting the shovel is not that simple and it can take a long time to get the Shovel.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to get the Shovel in Sons of the Forest.

Requirements to Get the Shovel

Shovel is found in a specific cave but in order to progress through the cave, you will be needing the following items.

Both of these items are found in the separate caves on the island. It can take you up to an hour to gather both of the items and once you have obtained both of these items, you will be able to get the Shovel.

Shovel Location

Shovel is only found in the cave middle of the map. You can find this cave near to the mountain where three rivers intersect each other. As you reach the cave, you will see three bodies right in front of the entrance of the cave.

Getting the Shovel

Once you have reached the cave, break the wooden fence with your axe to go inside the cave. Go ahead and use the Rope Gun to go ahead. After landing from the zipline, go to the left side and you will see a body in the water. Now, you need to equip the Rebreather from your inventory. After that, dive into the water and go through the open path in the water. Swim along the path until you come out of the other end.

Now, go ahead on the path to reach a slope of water. Slide down the slope to reach the water and then go to the right side. You need to go along the path with Gold Ores and stick to the right side. You will reach a couple of bodies in the middle and then you need to go on the left side to reach another water tunnel. Use Rebreather to go through the tunnel and when you come out from the other side. Follow the path to reach a body with a Shovel on it. Interact with the Shovel to pick it up.

Shovel Location

Get out of Shovel Cave

There will no way ahead to get out of the cave so, after getting the shovel, you need to go back to the point where you saw a couple of bodies in the middle. After that, you need to go through the Gold Ores path and you will see a mutant break through the cave. You will find a couple of grenades in the suitcases.

Throw a Grenade on the mutant to blow it up and you will be able to go through the open path. Follow the path to reach another exit of the cave.

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