In Sons of the Forest, you will be required to build all kinds of structures for your base. Enemies will come and attack at any time so your base needs to be reinforced.

Fortunately, the game tells you the materials needed and the steps required to build structures. It comes in your guide book.

Here’s a list of building recipes provided in the guide book in Sons of the Forest.


How to build a tent

To build a tent, you need a tarp and two sticks. You’ll be able to get a tarp from the start of the game.

Equip the tarp and place it on a flat surface or it won’t work. Then, just put two sticks at the arrows marked on your screen.


How to build a fire source

Basic fire

For a basic fire, you just need to have one stick. Break the stick into two and you can light it on fire.

To make it better, break two sticks at the same spot.

Sons Of The Forest: List Of Building Recipes

Reinforced fire

Reinforced fire is just basic fire but with rocks around it.

Sons Of The Forest: List Of Recipes In The Guide Book

Standing fire

For standing fire, you have to poke a stick into the ground. Then, wrap the stick with a cloth. Put more sticks onto the wrapped stick.

Light it on fire.

Sons Of The Forest: guide book

Skull lamp

For a skull lamp, craft it with a stick + cloth + skull.

Poke the stick into the ground, place a cloth on it and then put a skull on it.


How to make firewood

To make firewood, gather logs. Chop the log with an axe. You can chop it into smaller pieces.

Sons Of The Forest: how to build a rope


How to make stick structures

Stick structures

To make a stick structure, poke a stick into the ground and add a skull onto it.

You can also poke a stick into the ground and then use an axe to trim it to make it sharp.

Reinforced structures

For reinforced structures, put a stick structure and then place rocks below it.


How to make a fence

To make a fence, poke two sticks to the ground near each other. Then, place another two sticks horizontally joining the earlier sticks.


How to build the floor

To build a floor, place logs on the ground forming a square. Then, place logs inside the square.


How to build a wall

To build a wall, place logs horizontally on the floor’s border.


How to build a door

To make a door, build a wall and then make a space in the middle. Place logs in the middle to make a door.


How to make a window

Similar to building a door, you need a wall first. Then, remove logs in the middle to make a window.

Sons Of The Forest: guide book list


Single step and basic beams

To build a single step, make a floor first.

Then, chop a log into half and place it beside the floor to make a step.

Sons Of The Forest: how to build structures

To build basic beams, drive a log into the ground first. Then, place a log diagonally on the first log and finally place a log on the other end.

Sons Of The Forest: how to build buildings


How to build a roof

You need walls 90 degrees of each other first before you make a roof. In between the walls, place a beam and then drive a log into the ground nearby.

Use the chopped logs to put them as the roof.

Sons Of The Forest: how to build items


How to make struts

To make struts, chop the logs into smaller pieces and drive them into the ground, forming four small vertical beams. Place three small logs to join the four vertical beams.

Then, chop more logs and place two small ones at each end. Remove the two beams in the middle.


How to build stairs and ramp

Use logs to build an arch first. Then, place two diagonal beams on each end of the arch.

Then, use half-logs as steps.

Sons Of The Forest: how to build roof

A ramp has similar steps to stairs, but instead of placing the half-logs as steps, join them together into a ramp with no space in between.


How to build a defensive wall

Build a wall first and then use your axe to trim the top to make them sharp.

Place another log horizontally in the middle to fortify it.

Sons Of The Forest: how to build walls


How to build a rope and rope bridge

To build a rope structure, place the rope on the wall. Then, remove the logs in the middle forming an arch.

Sons Of The Forest: how to build floor

To make a rope bridge, place a rope in between two walls. Then, place half-logs on the rope forming a bridge.

Sons Of The Forest: how to build traps


How to build a shelter

To build a hunting shelter, you need 5 logs, 6 sticks and 7 rocks.

For a small log cabin, you need 75 logs.

To build Tree Shelter 1, you need 70 logs and 1 rope.

For Tree Shelter 2, you need 96 logs.

To make Tree Platform 1, you need 7 logs and 1 rope.

To make Tree Platform 2, you need 35 logs and 1 rope.

For a Lean To, you need 53 logs.

To make a Look Out Tower, you need 60 logs and 1 rope.


How to build traps

To make a Bone Maker Trap, you need 2 sticks, 3 rocks, 3 leaves, 1 vodka bottle and 1 rope.

For a Fly Swatter Trap, you need 10 sticks, 3 rocks and 1 rope.

Sons Of The Forest: how to build bridge


How to build gardening structures

To build a Standing Planter, you need 18 sticks.

For a Wall Planter, you need 16 sticks.


Utility structures

To build a Bird House, you need 18 sticks. For a Scarecrow, you need 14 sticks and 4 duct tapes.

Sons Of The Forest: how to build defense

To build a rock path, you just need rocks.

You will also need sticks only for a stick path.

Sons Of The Forest: how to build defense structure


How to build storage structures

To build a shelf, you need 2 logs.

To make a wall shelf, you need 2 sticks and 1 log.

For a drying rack, you need 13 sticks.

To build a mannequin, you need 20 sticks and 5 duct tapes.

To make a log storage, you will need 8 sticks and for a bone storage, just 7 sticks.

If you wish to make a stick storage, you need 6 sticks and 7 sticks for a rock storage.


How to make furniture

To build a bench, you just need two logs (one is chopped into half logs and the other into beams).

For a table, you need 3 logs.

To make a wall torch, you need 1 cloth and 1 stick.

To make a ceiling skull lamp, you need a skull and a rope.

For a bone chair, you need 15 bones and 1 skull. For a bone chandelier, you need 19 bones and 9 skulls.

To make a stick bed, you need 16 sticks and 1 duct tape.

For a stick chair, you need 14 sticks.


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