Atlas Games Launches Magical Kitties Noir Kickstarter Campaign with New Hometown and Game Master Kit

Atlas Games has announced the launch of their third Kickstarter campaign for their popular roleplaying game, Magical Kitties Save the Day. The new campaign, called Magical Kitties Noir, will introduce the new hometown of Sunset City, as well as the Game Master Kit.

Magical Kitties Noir is set in the world of the Cat Eyes Detective Agency, where magical cats work together to solve crimes and uncover the mysterious secrets of Sunset City. However, something strange has happened to the city, as it has been frozen in time within a magical bubble, and nobody knows why. The game takes its inspiration from classic film noir and crime movies from the 1930s-1950s, as well as Golden Age science fiction stories of time travel.

The Game Master Kit is designed to enhance the Magical Kitties experience, especially for new game masters. The kit includes a sturdy, high-quality GM screen featuring Magical Kitties artwork and important game info, a copy of the Our Hometown Workbook to keep track of all the fun in your series, and a Kitty Breeds Poster to help players choose their perfect kitty.

The launch date for the Magical Kitties Noir Kickstarter campaign is March 28th.


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