In the latest release of Warhammer 40,000, Space Marine fans have a new reason to be excited. The upcoming Strike Force Agastus set introduces a brand new Primaris Lieutenant kit that is more customizable and flexible than any version before.

According to reports, the new Primaris Lieutenant is so good that he’s been raiding the armory for every weapon his predecessors could carry. The kit boasts an impressive collection of ranged and melee weapons, including master-crafted stalker, auto, or standard bolt rifles, power swords, power fists, heavy bolt pistols, and even plasma pistols.

The new Primaris Lieutenant is perfect for close combat, and his heavy firepower makes him a valuable addition to any battleline. Fans of the classic master-crafted power sword will not be disappointed, as it is present and correct in this new kit.

But that’s not all. The updated datasheet in Strike Force Agastus also allows fans to get their hands on previous versions of the Primaris Lieutenant. This means that fans of the Phobos Lieutenant of Combat Patrol: Space Marines, the bellicose Tolmeron of the Blood Angels, and even the axe-toting Battle Leader from Combat Patrol: Space Wolves can bring their favorite characters back to the field.

The new kit is set to go on pre-order this weekend, and fans are eagerly anticipating its release. With its flexibility, customization options, and impressive weapons collection, the new Primaris Lieutenant is sure to become a fan favorite. So, keep your eyes sharp and get ready to add the latest leadership star to your Space Marine collection.


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