“Session Zero,” a feature-length documentary about a group of young boys who play Dungeons & Dragons, is close to reaching its goal on Kickstarter with just 64 hours to go. The film has been in the making for four years and is a reflection on growing up, nostalgia, and the popular tabletop role-playing game.

Directed by Scottish-Algerian documentary filmmaker and the boys’ older sister, the film centers around brothers Thomas and Sam, who play D&D with their friends every Friday. As they come of age, the group is pulled in different directions, and the film follows their journey as they navigate adolescence and the challenges that come with it.

The film takes inspiration from classic 80s coming-of-age films such as “The Goonies” and “Stand by Me,” and has an observational and intimate documentary style, similar to “Don’t Be A Dick About It” and “All This Panic.”

Two of the central characters in the film have ASD, and their diagnosis processes happen over the filming period. The film will represent their autism in an honest and non-sensationalist way, contributing to a positive representation of autistic people in the media.

Director of “Session Zero,” and the boys’ older sister, is seeking further resources to bring the film to its full potential and a wide audience. The ultimate goal is to bring the film to international film festivals and marketing, with the target of having it completed by Spring/Summer 2023.

With just 64 hours left to reach its goal on Kickstarter, “Session Zero” offers a unique coming-of-age story that shows the benefits of playing fantasy tabletop roleplaying games!


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