Sons of the Forest comes with different in-game seasons like autumn and winter, which is not present in its predecessor.

This makes survival a little harder especially when winter comes.

Here are some tips on surviving winter in Sons of the Forest.


Get a torch

When winter arrives after 10 in-game days or so, you will discover that you get cold easily. This affects your stamina and your ability to run.

While exploring, it might be wise to make a torch with just a stick and a cloth. Light the torch on fire to carry it during exploration and avoid feeling cold.


Equip a winter jacket

Perhaps a better way to avoid cold is by getting a winter jacket. This way, you don’t need to carry a torch around.

You can find a winter jacket at a campsite at the base of a waterfall. I found this online guide on the location of the jacket.


How to get food and water during winter

You’ll notice that even the seeds you’ve planted in the planter will be gone during winter.

To get food, you can make a drying rack. It’s under the storage section of the building guide book. The drying rack allows you to place around 5 or 6 raw meat or fish.

It takes about 1 – 2 in-game days to be edible.

Sons Of The Forest: How To Survive Winter

Water can still be found in certain areas even though many of the lakes and rivers have frozen. You can also take canned drinks or keep water in a flask prior to winter.


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