Sons of the Forest is a survival horror game where you have to obtain certain items to proceed in the story.

You will need a rebreather to dive underwater and eventually get a shovel. The shovel will lead to the access card needed for the story.

Here’s how you can find the rebreather and stun gun (location) in Sons of the Forest.


How to find the rebreather and the stun gun (location)

Both the rebreather and the stun gun are located in the same cave.

The cave is located at one of the beaches as shown in the GPS below. You will see a cave symbol on the GPS at the beach.

Destroy the planks and then enter the cave.

Sons Of The Forest: How To Find Rebreather

You’ll find a newspaper piece inside with some supplies at first.

Sons Of The Forest: How To Find Stun Gun (Location)

Continue inside through the water.

You’ll then encounter a number of mutants inside, including the big mouth ones. It might be better to bring grenades and a flashlight in.

Keep going until you reach a fork in the road. 


Get the stun gun first

To get the stun gun, go to the right side at the fork of the road.

Continue ahead and you’ll face more mutants.

At one point, there’ll be around three big mouth mutants. You can use a grenade to thin the group.

Continue ahead until you see the stun gun near a dead body hanging.

Sons Of The Forest: Where To Find Rebreather & Stun Gun (Location)


Get the rebreather

Once you’re done, follow the path back to the fork on the road.

This time, go to the left.

Keep walking past the life jackets.

You’ll then reach a narrower path. Continue ahead.

Keep going until you see a part with very deep water. There’s a rebreather at the edge.

Sons Of The Forest: rebreather location

To exit the area, you can just jump into the water and swim all the way down. The rebreather equips itself.

Sons Of The Forest: stun gun location

Find your way through the narrow path at the bottom of the water. Keep swimming until you see some seaweed.

That’s when you surface and you’ll find yourself in the sea.


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