February 3, 2023

Pokémon video games have a particular method that has been utilized by the franchise since Crimson and Inexperienced first got here out in 1996. You begin with one Pokémon and journey throughout a area to gather extra. Alongside the way in which, you problem gyms, discover new cities, and ultimately face off in opposition to the Elite 4. This similar method has been utilized in (virtually) each Pokémon sport since and has made the sequence probably the most fashionable in gaming historical past.

Sadly, whereas Pokémon video games are extremely fashionable, they aren’t notably difficult. Fortunately, followers have created methods to make the video games more difficult. Right here is our record of the very best Pokémon challenges you’ll be able to attempt to make the video games extra enjoyable.

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Clone Problem

Picture by way of Sport Freak

This problem could be probably the most infuriating should you aren’t cautious. Primarily your complete crew have to be made up of the identical Pokémon. You may select any Pokémon to make use of within the sport, besides Ditto. This implies your crew could be as much as six Bulbasaurs, Squirtles, Charmanders, or Pikachus. To make it tougher, you could possibly use a random quantity generator to select which Pokémon you’ll use.

Faint Launch

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet starters
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This problem can simply be essentially the most heartbreaking of all those on this record. You may play the sport as regular, however any time one in every of your Pokémon faints, it’s a must to launch it. Which means that you could possibly probably lose a whole crew should you make a poor alternative or simply have a run of unhealthy luck. So make sure that to coach your self nicely and be ready for these undesirable moments.


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For this problem, you act as an unofficial gymnasium chief as you journey the area with the one Pokémon of the identical kind. The issue of this problem can fluctuate relying on the sport you’re taking part in. Some video games might solely have a handful of the sort you need. Diamond and Pearl, as an illustration, are famously identified for the abysmal choice of fire-type Pokémon, which might make a fire-type run notably difficult.

Gamers can embrace each single-type and dual-type Pokémon for this problem. Utilizing twin sorts make it simpler, although, so gamers in search of some issue higher use single sorts solely.

By no means Faint

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This problem is strictly the way it sounds. You may’t faint. If you find yourself blacking/whiting out, it’s a must to delete that save file and begin over from the start of the sport. This provides a sense of “permadeath” to the sport. Many hardcore gamers will mix this problem with others on this record, just like the Faint Launch or Nuzlocke problem. In case you succeed, then you’ll be able to pat your self on the again since you simply is likely to be the easiest, like nobody ever was.

No Pokémon Facilities

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This problem is strictly the way it sounds. You may’t use Pokémon facilities to heal your crew. If you’re a grass-type or bug-type coach with entry to strikes like Giga Drain, this problem won’t seem to be such an enormous deal. However should you aren’t lucky sufficient to have a crew with HP regenerating talents, this problem can get very troublesome in a short time. Some gamers dial up the issue to 11 by banning using Pokémon Heart alternate options just like the Silph Relaxation Zone, or different areas that may assist recuperate a Pokémon’s HP.


Nuzlocke Pokemon Challenge
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Essentially the most well-known and probably essentially the most enjoyable Pokémon problem. This problem originated from a comic book sequence of the identical identify. Gamers can solely catch the primary Pokémon they encounter per space. If the Pokémon runs away or faints, then there isn’t any second probability for that space. If the primary encounter is a Double Battle, the participant can solely select one Pokémon to catch.

For each captured Pokémon, the participant should nickname it to “create bonds” with that Pokémon, ultimately making it extra painful within the occasion of a defeat. Some YouTubers like PurpleCliffe mix Nuzlocke with different challenges to make it tougher and enjoyable.

One Pokémon Solely

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Because the identify suggests, you’ll be able to solely use one particular Pokémon for your entire sport. The one time you should use two is when the sport requires you to make use of multiple Pokémon, similar to in Double Battle tutorials and the like. To make it much more difficult many gamers select to not evolve their Pokémon as soon as they decide it out. It is a good problem for newer gamers as you’ll be able to select one of many starters as your single Pokémon and nonetheless do pretty nicely with sufficient grinding.


Ash Ketchum and his Pokémon winning the championship
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It is a fairly simple problem that’s fashionable amongst followers of anime. Primarily you play the sport as if you had been a personality from the sequence. You may play as Ash Ketchum, Gary Oak, or some other character within the video games or anime sequence. The difficult bit is that you may’t simply attempt to act as they do within the video games; it’s a must to use their crew too, which could be troublesome with sure characters. Simply make sure that to not retire too younger IRL.


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This sort of problem could be entertaining or an enormous headache, relying on what you find yourself with. For a Scramble problem, you employ a random quantity generator to select the crew you employ for the sport. Every quantity corresponds with the variety of a Pokémon within the worldwide Pokedex. It’ll be enjoyable to finish up with a perfectly-balanced crew, however a hassle to finish up with a crew composed of Magikarp, Metapod, Kakuna, Pupitar… you get it.


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This problem follows the identical guidelines as Nuzlocke however provides one vital restriction: Gamers should assign companions to each Pokémon of their crew, and Pokémon can solely be switched out with their companions within the sport. Choosing Pokémon companions is likely to be tougher than it sounds. Do you pair up two Pokémon of the identical kind? Or do you pair Pokémon of opposing sorts? It is a nice problem for individuals who perceive the video games’ battle and typing mechanics.

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