10 Games With The Best Godzilla Crossovers


  • Godzilla’s impact on pop culture extends to video games, with appearances in unexpected titles like Dave the Diver or City Shrouded In Shadow.
  • Pinball FX and Ace Combat Infinity also successfully incorporate Godzilla into their gameplay, offering unique experiences with the iconic monster.
  • From PUBG Mobile to Fall Guys and even Magic: The Gathering, Godzilla’s presence in various games showcases his enduring popularity and appeal to diverse audiences.

Godzilla has been ingrained in pop culture for 70 years, showing up outside of his films all the time. This is the same monster that once played basketball against Charles Barkley in a Nike commercial, after all. This cultural significance easily extends to video games since the king of monsters has had well over a dozen of his own games, but what about his appearances in games that weren’t designed for him?


5 Scariest Versions Of Godzilla

Though usually a blockbuster hero, Godzilla sometimes goes back to his horrific roots.

Godzilla has stomped his way into a number of games of varying genres. Nearly all of these were as part of some kind of cross-promotion to promote a new film, but some were just out of nowhere, seeming to happen just because someone must have thought it would rule if Godzilla showed up in their game. They are right, obviously.

10 Dave the Diver

The deep-sea fishing game reels in Godzilla


Dave the Diver

June 28, 2023


This crossover is right on the horizon, but looks to be one of the most exciting yet. The game is already built around exploring the depths and avoiding goliath-sized fish, so adding arguably the most famous ocean giant in movie history makes perfect sense.

The Dave the Diver X Godzilla trailer makes it seem that players will swim and drive a submersible for their life as kaiju sized monsters, one being Godzilla, chase you through some sort of underwater temple. Plus, the DLC comes at the same time that the game makes it debut on PlayStation 4 and 5.

9 City Shrouded In Shadow

Dozens of famous kaiju clash above the player

City Shrouded in Shadow Godzilla


PlayStation 4

Release Date

October 19, 2017


Granzella Inc.

City Shrouded In Shadow, or Kyoei Toshi as it is known in Japan, is a survival game where the player controls one of two characters who only want to escape a city as it is being destroyed by giant creatures. The game is a kaiju lover’s dream, as tons of famous monsters and giants show up throughout the game, sometimes actively destroying everything around the player, and other times battling each other, but still causing dangerous collateral damage.


10 Pokemon Based On Godzilla & Other Kaiju

Pokemon designs can be inspired by pretty much anything, but many take their visual cues from these legendary Kaiju.

Ultraman, Gamera, Evangelion, Ghidora, and, of course, Godzilla all make appearances, with Godzilla’s levels being spread out and treated as big cameo moments. He’s a benevolent force in the game, smashing buildings as he tries to fight off some of the evil kaiju.

8 Pinball FX

Three different tables highlight the king of monsters

Pinball FX Godzilla


PC, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch

Release Date

April 25th, 207


Zen Studios

It may seem boring to mix pinball with Godzilla, but like with most of Pinball FX’s elaborate crossovers, these DLC tables are vibrant, exciting, and utilize the reptilian giant to great effect. There are three pinball tables in the pack.

One is just Godzilla, and scoring points will make him fend off other kaiju and fire his atomic breath. The other two are Godzilla and Kong, with one that makes them fight and one that makes them team up. All three tables have great animations, loud roars, and plenty of ramps and targets to fire a pinball at.

7 Ace Combat Infinity

Godzilla attacks Tokyo in the jet fighter simulation game

Ace Combat Godzilla


PlayStation 3

Release Date

May 20, 2014



Ace Combat is arguably the most famous air combat video game series, so it makes sense that it would have a wild crossover, but considering that the game is a simulator that aims for realism, having that crossover be Godzilla is a total shock.


Godzilla Vs. Kong: 15 Most Powerful Kaiju Godzilla Has Fought Other Than Kong

Godzilla has fought countless Kaiju over the years, some of them even more powerful than King Kong.

This free DLC was released to promote the 2014 Godzilla Playstation 3 game and it has players battling in the skies above a lockdowned Tokyo. Most of the level is typical jet plane combat. However, players eventualy fly out to the ocean where Godzilla emerges and reveals he’s heading straight towards the city.

6 PUBG Mobile

Players help Kong and Godzilla battle Mechagodzilla

PUBG Godzilla

PUBG Mobile

March 19, 2018

LightSpeed & Quantum Studio

It’s hard to possibly believe that a movie tie-in for a mobile game can be a blast to play, yet it wouldn’t be fair to ignore this limited-time event from the massively popular PUBG Mobile. Players were treated to new maps, including Skull Island, as well as plenty of cosmetic items.

The really crazy part is that players could actually play an exclusive level that puts their character right in the middle of the climactic final battle from the movie. Players fire weapons from a ship and then a helicopter at Mechagodzilla, hitting his weak points and helping Godzilla and Kong take him down.

5 Fall Guys

Dress your bean as your favorite kaiju

Fall Guys Godzilla

Just like EPIC Games’ other free-to-play smash hit Fortnite, the platformer battle-royale Fall Guys has a ton of cosmetic options to buy or unlock, and many of them are based on famous properties. It didn’t take long for Godzilla to enter the mix.


9 Strongest Versions Of Godzilla, Ranked

Godzilla has taken countless forms and acquired various powers throughout the decades. Here are the strongest versions of the kaiju so far.

Players can get costumes for their bean characters to wear. They can get multiple Godzilla costumes, as well as one of Mothra or even one of the evil three-headed alien dragon Ghidorah. The cute aesthetic of Fall Guys aligns perfectly for the Chibi style costumes, making the monsters some of the best skins in the game.

4 Minecraft

Pixelated Godzilla carnage


PS4 , PS3 , PS Vita , Xbox One , Xbox 360 , Switch , 3DS , PC , Android , iOS , Wii U

November 18, 2011

A recent and weird match-up that somehow works wonderfully due in major part to developer Team-KYO’s clear love for the franchise. Players can explore a move theater that will teach them some Godzilla history, as well as operate as a hub for the multiple Godzilla missions and modes.

Players can flee a city trying to save as many civilians as possible before Godzilla destroys everything, or they can take on a different challenge and attempt to stop Godzilla themselves by building a trap big enough to contain him. Then, of course, there is a mode that lets players play as classic monsters.

3 Magic: The Gathering

Beautiful art brings Godzilla to Dominaria

Magic: The Gathering Godzilla

Magic: The Gathering

Original Release Date
August 5, 1993

Richard Garfield

It’s technically possible to obtain some of these cards in the video game Magic: the Gathering Arena, but it’s far easier for a player to add them to their physical deck. This crossover event added Godzilla cards to some packs. Players buying packs could hope to get any of nineteen different cards.

These cards feature Godzilla, Biollante, Ghidorah, Mothra, and a ton more monsters or environments from the classic Toho series, all illustrated in the Magic art style and complete with unique abilities. For fans of the monsters that don’t play the card game, it’s worth looking these up just to check out how impressively designed they each were.

2 Gigabash

Godzilla joins the kaiju brawler

GigaBash Rawa is pure Godzilla fantasy fulfillment


August 5, 2022

Passion Republic Games

Maybe the most serendipitous crossover on the list. Gigabash is a popular indie game where players control kaiju or mechs and duke it out in fast, chaotic battles. If the general premise and insane monster designs didn’t make it obvious, the developers have openly stated that the game is inspired by 60s kaiju movies.

All of this makes it so much cooler that a year after release the game received an official Godzilla DLC. Players can now bash as Godzilla, Mechagodzilla, Destroyah, Gaigan and more. Plus, even if this list isn’t about him, it’s worth mentioning that Ultraman is there too.

1 Call of Duty Warzone

Godzilla and Kong tower over the battlefield


Call of Duty: Warzone.

November 14, 2022

The popular battle royale shooter had an event in 2022 to promote Godvilla VS. Kong. Operation Monarch, as it was called, had players battling it out like usual, only now the two MASSIVE monsters loomed over them the whole time. Players could attempt to fight the two or try to align themselves with one or the other.

This crossover is one of the few to really nail the scale of the newer Godzilla iterations, with it genuinely feeling like the two monsters are as big as they should be. Players could look up from almost anywhere on the map and see one or both of them.


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