10 Best horror indie games like Lethal Company

After the hit indie game success from Lethal Company, you probably want to know the 10 best horror games just like it.

I’ve collected a list of games that include co-op multiplayer fun in horror settings. You should find at least a few games on this list that you and your friends want to try out.

10 Best indie co-op horror games like Lethal Company

Screenshot: Straight Back Games


For just around $5, you and three of your friends can attempt to survive this horror survival nightmare. I’ve played Devour with my friends and found it to be quite frightening. It’s probably the most similar to Lethal Company as it’s cheap, scary, and multiplayer-friendly.

You’re tasked with working together to stop possessed cultists in multiple challenging maps. Just like Lethal Company, there’s a ton of replayability since items and ritual objects spawn at random locations.

Escape The Backrooms
Screenshot: Fancy Games

Escape the Backrooms

Here’s another game under $10 that you and your friends will enjoy. Escape the Backrooms is a game you can play with up to three other players, and it’s a horror exploration game through the backrooms. Playing this looks like revisiting terrible nightmares, as you’re stuck in endless halls and rooms.

Similarly to Lethal Company, you have proximity chat and dangerous entities that’ll stalk you. While it has some pretty realistic graphics, you’re playing through an old video camera lens, making this feel like a true indie horror experience.

Best Indie Horror Games Lethal Company Gtfo
Screenshot: 10 Chambers


If you’re a fan of first-person shooters, you should try out GTFO. This is a co-op horror game that includes hardcore combat and hordes of creatures. GTFO is for players who love a good challenge because it’s not easy.

Up to four players can play GTFO together. Explore The Complex, prepare the correct gear, and try not to wake up the enemies. This ramps up the scares if you’re starting to feel too comfortable with Lethal Company.

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Screenshot: Clock Wizard Games


This is another cheap game that you and three other players can enjoy. Similar to Phasmophobia, you must identify the evil spirit lurking in these cursed places. Use the correct equipment and try not to die while working with your friends.

The good thing about Demonologist is that there’s a free demo for you and your friends to try out. It’s an incredibly immersive game in Unreal Engine 5 that’ll certainly give you the spooks. Customize your character and safe house while exploring the multiple maps it has to offer.

Best Indie Horror Games Lethal Company Secret Neighbor
Screenshot: Hologryph

Secret Neighbor

If you’re looking for something that can give you jump scares but isn’t too terrifying, go for Secret Neighbor. This is a co-op horror game where your group must sneak around the house and collect keys to open the basement. This all sounds nice, except for the fact that one of the players is a traitor in disguise.

Secret Neighbor allows you to play with six players, while one is secretly the Neighbor. Sort of like Among Us, you as the traitor must gain your friends’ trust and set up traps.

Scp Secret Laboratory
Screenshot: Northwood Studios

SCP: Secret Laboratory

Nothing beats playing a completely free game. SCP: Secret Laboratory is a first-person horror co-op game having you navigate Site-02 in the middle of a mass containment breach. You and your friends must attempt to survive and face threats head-on.

Based on SCP Containment Breach by Undertow Games back in 2012, you have the chance to play five different roles: Class-D Personnel, Scientist, Guard, Chaos Insurgency, or SCP Object. There’s no harm in trying a completely free game!

Best Indie Horror Games Lethal Company Phasmaphobia
Screenshot: Kinetic Games


I couldn’t avoid including Phasmophobia in this list, it’s just too good. This is another cheap co-op horror game in Early Access. You and your friends are ghost hunters who must identify ghosts and spirits with your given equipment.

Although it’s over three years old, Phasmophobia is still widely beloved by many horror players and continuously receives updates. Not only that, but you can play this in VR mode, which would be terrifying.

How To Make A Rope (suspension) Bridge In Sons Of The Forest Featured Image(1)
Screenshot: Endnight Games

Sons of the Forest

As a sequel to The Forest, Sons of the Forest has you stranded on a remote island filled with cannibals. You and your friends must attempt to survive and thrive in this realistic survival horror game.

It’s got some incredibly in-depth survival and base-building mechanics, while also having some eerie cannibals around every corner. This one is also in Early Access and was a slam hit back when it was released in February 2023.

How To Get Release Tokens In The Outlast Trials Featured Image
Screenshot: Red Barrels

The Outlast Trials

Also being a recent release, The Outlast Trials takes place in the terrifying Outlast universe. But this time you’re not alone. You and your friends must experience horrifying trials that’ll test all of your senses. It’s still in Early Access, but it has a ton of engaging trials to experience.

You can go at this alone, but it’s not as fun. Customize your prisoner, decorate your cell, and once in the trials it’s either flight or die. There’s also a story you can discover throughout the game as you come to realize how terrible the Murkoff Corporation is.

Best Indie Horror Games Lethal Company Labyrinthine
Screenshot: Valko Game Studios


Only for around $5, you can experience a co-op horror puzzle game that’ll make you want to sleep with the lights on. Labyrinthine has you embark on a scary journey through different settings with procedurally-generated maps.

Cooperate with your teammates, as communication is key. The further you dive into this world, the more monsters you’ll discover. There’s also a story mode, but the procedurally-generated horror maps mode sound more tempting.

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